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Qui-gon Jinn model


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Actually, yes :D Give me about 30 mins to do some stuff and I'll post some new shots, until then, for thoes who don't frequent the Polycount forums here are some shots from a few days ago






More to come, gotta do the do the laundry first :)

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Alright, still tweaking the head a bit, made some very suttle changes, hopefully the noze looks more broken now, and I added a little outward curve like you suggested keo. The perspective shot still isn't quite where I wanna end up at, it's better than it was. Anyway, feedback is always good :) Especially on the geometry






Eppy I Obi is all ready now for skining, and Eppy II Obi is almost rigged. I haven't gotten any further on Samuel L. but I'm gonna try and find some time to work on him tonight or tommorow. I'll post some pics tommorow

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Yup with more screenies comes more commentary.


Here we go, starting at the front shot and working my way through, heres what I see.


In the frontal shot, the first thing I notice is how HIGH the hair line is on the head.

IF that's straight on I think you need to lower it just a minute increment.

Also the area in the temples needs to come in slightly, it's causing that part of the head to be a bit too bulbus in some regards.

It causes that part of the head to run too smoothly into the tops of the ears, making them look way too flat.

The other problems are in textures.

The only issue I now see really prominently with the nose is the seam on the underside.

This is being caused by the mustache being to high up on the lips in such a manner that the nose actualy starts to overlap it (besides the hairs should end closer to the lips anyways, well trimmed or not). You also may want to consider toning down the level of shadow on the underside of the nose... it's really giving it too hard a line. The area where the ears join the head needs to be pushed in a hair to give the cheeks a rounded quality, right now they seem to slide straight back into the ears.

The color of the neck, even shadowed is far to dark.

If you;re using photoshop, did you use the darken tool? If so, try to stay away from using it too much as it has a tendancy to give you an over all off color in the end (deceptively nice tool with a catch).


Side: The area where the hair falls over the ear is an owchy spot... watch that.

The main issue with the eyes is that they have /too MUCH/ of a curve to them. Regardless of the face shape, the eye balls are stil just that, balls.

The cheeks are not prominent enough under the eye, causing them to stick out and causing them to curve in too sharply on the underside. And watch the color matching around the nose area, you may have to darken the texture on the face itself in those areas to get it to look smooth.

Otherwise the profile looks greatly improved.


3/4ths pers:

At the just the eyebrow itself the face needs to be tweeked out so that there is actually a browline. or perhaps the eye section recessed slightly (this may correct the cheek problem previously state all together, recessing the eyes that is,)

And watch that bumb on the hairline (of course if you move it down that'll be fixed too).


Regardless this model is progressing nicely.

Hope you dont mind my picking it apart constantly.

You do great work so keep it up!

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Looking way better Toonces. Just one comment on the eyes(Im strapped for time at the moment), they look a bit bloodshot. The whites of his eyes should be whiter, as they are currently the same complection as his skin. I have a couple more critiques, I'll be back to express them.

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-About the hairline, the position is fine but the sides of the hairline curve much more inward. -compare-






-His eyes actually should be even smaller(vertically) than they are now. Try editing just the eyelids(not the actual eye).


-His lips are less wide than that, and his top lip should be thinner(vertically).


-Try to blend in the nose, as the outline is too visible. Also, his nostrils are less wide.


-The headshape is not to wide, if anything it should be more round. Actually, I suggest just leaving it alone.


Refer to the above pic for all suggestions....

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heh, haven't been able to read these forums in a while so I didn't change him any yet. It's all good, I haven't had a ton of time anyway. One question keo, when you said the lips are too wide do you mean their actual modeled shape, or just the skin on them? I'm gonna make the tweaks you suggested and post a new pic, will probly wait on the lips though


Ok, sumthin new, the first pic is a unaltered shot, the skin is extremely early because Arco and I thought it better to wait until some proportional changes were made




Ok, these are with the changes I've made thus far, one thing to keep in mind is that the ear texture is smaller than the actual ear. That's because they were quite a bit bigger, and Arco slapped a texture where he thought the ear should lay and I compensated for it





Anyway, looking for geometric crits

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the hair looks fine. the face needs work. i suggest you should check out jolt's obi model and compare the face. jolts captured the details on obi's face and it is very accurate. do that and you'll do just fine.


toonces i have a question when you release all this models is it going to be one by one or is it going to be all at once like a pack.

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One question keo, when you said the lips are too wide do you mean their actual modeled shape....


The modeled shape I believe....



About Obi-Wan;


- His eyes should be closer together

- Nose is too long and the nostril shape needs changing

- His face is too wide. The hair shape is good. Try reducing the head width while leaving the hair as is, except that the side hairlines are moved inward.

- Lips and chin need to be moved up; the chin needs to be less wide and rounder.

- The ears should come out more


Check the pic....


-copy and paste-



-the model-


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When I first saw this model, I knew I needed to do Qui-Gon VM. Unfortunately I had to make do with the "Jedi Trainer" model.


Well Toonces (with respect to Arco)... You know this is killing me! I want to skin Qui-Gon soooooo bad (but you knew that!). Well, it just so happens that I have worked out a skin that is coming along nicely. It may never grace this model, but then again maybe it will? I'm sure this model will look incredible after Arco has skinned it, but I cant help myself! You guys just keep on rolling on this one, This model has to be finished! Arco... Really I know you'll do Liam justice! Good luck to both of you... I hope the Obi-Wan will make its debut as well. Talk to you both later. Mars out!

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gak obi wan looks scary! I will make him look good.


toonces.... on liam. His nose an ears ar too big i think. They are that of an old man.. shrink em down a bit. Apart from that GREAT.


I will have CTF varients soon... I hope.



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A couple of more shots for you guys, I'm not going to touch the ears until Arco updated the skin, but I made most of the suggested changes. I haven't shortened the noze yet, I'm thinking of moving the brow/eyes/top of noze down a little, but I figured I'd ask for some feedback first





Arco, I'm gonna try what you suggested on Qui-Gon and see how it looks, I think your right though, his snoz is a little too big ;)

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