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Qui-gon Jinn model


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Good work on the model :thumbsup:


The bot named 'Darth Toxic' is unable to be loaded, well for me anyway, it gets a 'bot not specified' error.

Just thought I'd bring that too your attention ;)


[Edit] Found the problem :)


name "Darth Toxic"

model tex_quigon/red

color1 0

personality /botfiles/toxic.jkb

//Darth Toxic - new bot! Dark side...


Doesn't like gaps in bot names, so you may want to change that to Darth_Toxic if you release an update or add that to the next version :)
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Originally posted by MysticSpade

i found a new fav model. also toonces i DL'd you 1.1 Mace and i'm still gettin the lines on his head. but i honestly like the robed qui-gon. but i like robed models period.



Did u delet the first pk3 of mace or did u overwrite it?

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I am trying to do a skin for this exellect model. It's the jedi with two lightsabers from the arena. He can be seen swining two sabers in the documentary "good to g.o." (i think).

A few days ago I found this great picture of him (he is one of the survivors from the arena) but I can't find them again.

He has dark brown clothes and has a green and a blue lightsaber. He is the one holding them in reverse grips.


If anyone can find these pictures it will be highly apreciated.



edit: His name is Joclad Danva, any pictures of him will be highly apreciated.

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Originally posted by Wolf Devil

^_^;; Meh heh heh, Yeah I know about the bot file. I forgot about the damned no spaces thing, I fixed it and sent it to Toonces in hopes he'll put it in an updated version of Qui-Gon should he decide to fix the dismemberin bugs, aswell as the bot files for the Obi model


I should have double checked, I'll probly not update him now since everything else is going well. The mail server at drivingcatstudios.com has been down so I couldn't reply to you but I was going to ask you if you wanted to do the ones for Obi too?


WhiteShdw, I don't mind one bit :D Your a great guy so thanks for making the conversion for me :)

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