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Qui-gon Jinn model


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Originally posted by Primrodo

Seriously look: http://www.drivingcatstudios.com/TexQui-Gon.jpg


They go skinny to fat...fanned. My costume, teh most it does is move up... :D


My mistake primrodo. I thought you were saying the reference pics the tabards fanned out. I agree and made that point earlier... in the model, they definitely fan out (which is incorrect).



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Well, It looks like I'm finished with the uvcoords on Qui-Gon. I'm still not all that proficiant at unwraping yet, but he came out better then Kit did so I think Arco should have an easy time skining him :)


I also rigged him up quick, alough I still have alot of work to do on the weights (especially on the hair)


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ok I have been skinning. And the face has run into some problems (already noted by some peeps)




any way in taht pic you can see the model andt hen and edited version oft he pic which shows how it should be. Fatter face... eyes wider apart and widerjaw/beard. If you could change those thinsg toonces it should look much better!



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