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New Modeler needed!


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Okay, I'll post this once again, just in case. I'll quit the mod as a modeler on thursday which means that Rebel Strike will be without a modeler. This in turn means that all modeling will stop until we can find another modeler. So if you think that you've got what it takes. Then mail Roger about it.


I will once again say that it has been my pleasure to answer your questions you guys've asked us about Rebel Strike and it's been an honor to work with the cool team of Rebel Strike. I will try to benefit to the mod in any way that I can though, so I'm not totally off it. But I'm doing military service for 11 months so I wont find much time. Therefor we need you to send us a portfolio of your work, that way it's easier for us to pick a new team member instead of having to answer your mail and ask you of your work.


Anyways, It's been nice with all the commotion around the mod and I hope it stays that way. I'll see you around.

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