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One question, and one bug report


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My instruction booklet was accidentally dumped into a bowl of cornflakes and is unreadable. (Unreadable also in the aspect that its probably in a landfill by now as i trashed it.) I just today figured out how to give other players trubites, by sheer coincidence.

My question is:

How do you set waypoints for your scout?!


I hate having to watch it as it goes across the blackness...and it also takes up valuable 'screentime', if you catch my meaning.


My bug report is vague, as I have no clue what caused it, but at any rate...


On the 6th mission for the Trade Federation, the one where you have to secure the islands strategically, I defeated every single enemy on the map and I didn't progress. The one oddity I noticed was on the third island from the left, (has two sections of ore deposits on it) there was this odd little ball about the size of a gungans small 'boomer' attack, and the sound of a gun shooting and reloading continued indefinately. After about 4 and a half hours of playing the map, I was a bit disgruntled not being able to clear the map, so i summoned a deathstar and proceeded to wipe out my army. I hit the spot where the little 'boomer bug' was and it dissapeared. (As it SHOULD...it IS a Deathstar after all, hehe) I have the game saved, and can send it to someone if they are interested in seeing what happened.


A swift response about the waypoints would be lovely.

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