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Plo Koon Model!

ET Warrior

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It's great to see this model still being worked on...

especially to see it in it's latest stage.

I rarely come by here anymore, but I appreciate all the work that's been done so much, I have to swing by now and then to see the final product of some of these WIP's.

KMan, do you still hear voices in your head, about invisible poles for a floating Yoda? Or does only sithlordii hear them still?



Again... nice to stop by and see some of you are still kicking :)




Oh, personally I say, "Tomatoe"

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Originally posted by Aaron Smith

Kman did you get any of the E-mails I sent you??


Yes. I was going to wait until Plo Koon is finished before I dedicate any more of my time to other projects.


It would be nice to get it out for JA, if it doesn't require too much work. Otherwise we should just wait for the next installment of JEdi Knight.

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:D I was so happy after what you said in the Samus thread that I had gotten a bit of hope for this model still, and now its coming soon-thanks to everyone who is STILL working on this model for all of the hard work you guys have done (and for having to deal with the rabid community over it for so long.)
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