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SCRIPTS here (post & request thread)


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Grrr... the cfg thingy is messed.. i copy and paste what u ppl wrote and it turned it into cfg it keeps saying couldn't execute the file i named.... whats the problem?? oh yea should the binds thing should even be there??

neways.......if i enter it during consel EVERYTHING... it works fine... but im too lazy to keep doing that everytime i go on the game.....

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you should put them in a text file, use notepad.. ther other editors leave code. MAke sure the file is saved as a .txt, then change it to .cfg, sometimes people have extensions off and you can't tell what the extension is. The binds should be there. \bind X "vstr (whatever )"


The X is any key you want it to be. Make sure you use a \ just incase.





AS far as the waits, it's trial and error. Alot depends on your internet connection/lag. Sometimes it cpu speed too. Sometimes you have to add some more waits, other times you take some away. A script isn't perfectly made for all systems, that's part of the fun.

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How do you delete scripts? I've made keybinds directly from the game console & they are easy enough to unbind, but I created the "vstr spinmove" script for practice (worked fine) & now I can't find where it went to delete it. I thought it would be in the mp config file but all I see there is the keybind for the script. I used the console in game to make the script if that matters.

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Strange that y'all havent seen that lightning thing.


Maybe it isnt really stacked but something else is going on. Shrug. Dunno, but if I ever see that guy again I'll try to record a demo of him. Cuz you shoulda seen how fast his force pool drained from 'one' charge of lvl3 lightning. It was incredible. That was what made me think he 'stacked' it.


/edit Yay! I'm a sith probe droid now!!! W00t!

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How does the game know what stance your in?


i see the saberAttackCycle allows you to go through the styles but,


is there a way to set it to a specific style?


I just want to have more control over what style im in having each one set to specific buttons.

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I asked that same question about 10 times now & have given up trying to figure it out. I was hoping that could be done for a mod with all five stances or more, but I think we'll have to wait for an expansion before that will be an option. I know the toggle is "saberAttackCycle" but I can't figure out what it is toggling. It is indirectly linked to force levels though.

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Yeah, That could be it.


I did try these for the saberAttackCycle


1. set "stance" "saberAttackCycle 1/2/3" or...

2. set "stance" "saberAttackCycle1/2/3" (no space) but its not a boolean value so they won't work.


3. set "stance" "saberAttackCycle[1]" array values don't work either.


I'm gonna try the same as force power settings as in 8, 16, 32


These pobably don't work either but i'll give it a shot.


Is there a variable for the attack force power (maybe its directly linked to this???)

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I saw this thing that changed the moves you do like instead of rolling you did a cartwheel and all stances had backstab instead of the sweep. Now is that a script or a mod? And if a server you go on doesn't have it would you still be able to use it and other players could see your cartwheel?


I get everything you guys are saying until you get to the commands and then all I read is blah+blah+blah blah and blah+blah blah.txt blah backstab blah blah. Guess its not for me.:p

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i am sick of going into games & get killed by people who uses scripts before i can even attack.. but im not going to whine much about it.. so i decided to .. use the script back on them too.. :D


Anyone has the 180 D + backstab script out yet? jaradaj? anyone? do post & share.. thank you


a note to all scripters, esp. jaradaj, thanks for going through all that mess to bring us sth neat, i wouldn't have the patience to do that.. :amidala:

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Ya no prob. The spin script is in the thread, near the begining... Spinmove i think it was called..



That's a mod, that made ya do the cartwheels and stuff. Everything you can do, your enemies can do. That's what i would like to get into more, when i have time.


There's no way (so far that i can see) to tell what stance you are using. You are better off just leaving it at light, since that's what you start at when you enter a game. Just stick with light, then script according to it. Usa saberAttackCycle command to cycle. Another option would be to set that command to a smaller named variable. Like so;


set medstance "saberAttackCycle"

set hevstance "saberAttackCycle; saberAttackCycle"


Then leave your stance at light. Code for moves, but add the stance you want to change to in the front. Don't forget to cycle back to light stance so that you can do another move..... If you have no idea what i'm talking bout, ask... i'll make a sample code to show ya what i mean.




Yes you can bind moves for regular attacks. You just have to know what movement keys and button combos you need for the move. Then script it. Say for heavy stance, right to left lash (the fast swing, kinda like a backwards U). To do that you need to hit forward and left, and then attack. so the script would look like;


set hslash "+forward; +left; wait; +attack; -attack; -left; -forward"


bind X "vstr hslash"


This is assuming you are in heavy stance already. You might have to add a wait or 2, depending on lag (i suggest adding them near the begining or ending of the +/- attack, near the other wait.) You have to see if it works, and if it doesn't try and figure why. Maybe you have to hold attack down longer, so you would add a it like so;


set hslash "+forward; +left; wait; +attack; wait; -attack; -left; -forward"



trial and error...

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Thats not the move im talking about, im asking for the script for

that will do a 180 degress turn in front of your opponent plus a backstab..


meaning like i am facing my opponent then i hit a key then the backstab would be executed..

can it be done?

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Yeah, I tried those too with no luck. A lot of people said the reason they left the stances as a toggle & not as individual options was so that you couldn't create scripts to use all the special moves, or combos of special moves from the different stances (forward lunge immediately followed by DFA, etc.). But if someone really wanted to they could still create scripts to do exactly all of that.


For example, if you have a favorite stance that you always play with, you could create the keybinds to cycle the stances the number of times you need to get to the stance you want, do the special move, & then cycle the stances again to get you back to your original favorite stance.


This should give you an idea:


bind x "+saberAttackCycle; +forward; +moveup; +attack; +saberAttackCycle; +saberAttackCycle"


When playing in Blue, this will automatically change you to Yellow, do the Yellow DFA move, & switch you back to Blue again.


You can make keybinds for every special move, or combos, or combos with mixed stances, or anything else you can think of.


Now if you get that, this next item will blow you away! You don't really need to play in the same stance all the time to do these moves!


Let's say that you used the example above & created keybinds for keys Q-Y for the 3 special moves plus the 3 different backstab/slash moves, so that they all start & end (or stay) in Blue Stance. In the row below you can use keys A-H to bind the same moves but this time alter the number of "+saberAttackCycle" commands in each keybind so that they all start off & end in the Yellow Stance. And on the row under that you can use keys Z-N to do the same thing, but alter them so the moves start & end in the Red Stance.


This way you don't have to stay in one stance, you just use the row of keybinds that matches the stance you are currently in. If you happen to be in Yellow, use the middle row; or if you're in Red, use the bottom row, etc.


But remember that if you are pressing & holding down attack while trying to change stances, the stance will not change (even though the color on the HUD does) until you stop pressing attack. So the same would hold true for these binds, I think.

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Originally posted by Calexus

Can i have a script so i can spin my lightsaber in my hand?, you know like the reborns do?




Yes you can, but since i'm not at home i don't have the commands with me to write it. It's just a script that moves from one weapon to the lightsaber. So if you have defualt configs (and the server has weapon enabled) just hit the number key to a weapon you have (IE #2, since you start with a blaster) then hit your #1 key for your lightsaber. Server has to have weapons enabled since you are switching to one then back again.






As for the 180 spin backattack while in front script... i'll have to see the timing but a basic idea would be;



set Frontbs "+left; wait2; -left; +back; +attack; -back; -attack"


bind X "vstr frontbs"




might have to add more waits, it depends on lag, mouse speed, and your starting position. But since i'm not at home, i can't test it out. Plus i'm not sure bout the commands off hand, just from memory.


PS. if you really want to get mean, you can change the yaw speed during the spin to make it super fast, then do the back stab, then have it spin you in place. Now that sounds deadly, and interesting... i might try it out when i get home.

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This is just a thought, this script allow you to do the Lunge, Medium Finisher and the DFA all from blue stance and then revert back to blue once the move is finished.


havn't tested it though and thanks for Sn1per for posting the simplified code for the DFA.



//Cycle variable strings

set "cycle" "saberAttackCycle; wait 2"


//Blue Stance Lunge

set "lunge" "+movedown; wait 1; +movedown; +forward; +attack; wait 1; -attack; -forward; -movedown"


//Medium Finisher

set "mf" "+forward; wait 1; +forward; +moveup; +attack; wait 1; -attack; -moveup; -forward"



//Taken From Sn1per on LucasFoums-JediKnightII modified by me

set "dfa" "+attack; -attack; wait 15; +forward; +attack; +moveup; wait 5; -attack; -forward; - moveup"


bind "MOUSE2" "vstr lunge"

bind "KP_END" "vstr cycle; vstr mf; vstr cycle; vstr cycle"

bind "KP_HOME" "vstr cycle; vstr cycle; vstr dfa; vstr cycle"


//These keys were chosen due to me using the cursor keys for movement

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just wanted to let you know that the kick to dfa thing doesn't work... well for me at least. All it seems to do is make you jump and do an attack. Also, when I try and do anything involving changing saber stance (such as being on blue, pulling of the yellow DFA, and then switching back to blue) it always says right in the top left corner unknown command saberattackcycle

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