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Excellent Smithers


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After much messing about, I managed to get an AT-ST working in MP, and after messing about more( 2 Reinstalls) got a Driveable one going, though there was a slight problem, I had to cheat to get in it, as force powers aren;t being used in your version you may also encounter this. Try to borrow some coding from Medal of Honor Allied Assault if you can, as it has many of the features you will need. It might be illegal so watch it.


Once I can get it a little less buggy, I'll send you a PK3 of the level.

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oh neat....:D


idea: ever heard of a "people tower"? it is a team game after all...


(and now I am going to toss a random idea out, please dont fry me to a crisp if its been said before)


if this is going to be class based, why not have the engineer class(or whatever it might be called) have a fett style jetpack. the downside to this might be only a light weapon, IE a e-11, and a time limit on the jetpack, only maybe 5 secs max.


or you could try and change the atst to have a latter (sp?) on the back/side of the atst...



I am going to go back and try and find the "mp atst" thread in the valley... there were so many ideas in there...;)

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