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Your car... (or soon to be)


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ok... here we go....



1996 Toyota Corolla Seca Hatch



Just payed $10,000 AUS for it.


In just over a year I get this..



For free, coz I payed my oldies $10,000 for the seca, and that $10,000 then pays for this, a $35,000 car.... not a bad deal :)


Then... I plan to sell that... and get... this.....





ooooooooh yeah! :D Delorean, baby!!!

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Citeron DS 1972.


Mmmmmm. French.


Have to change the suspension fluid every 6 months tho :mad: Plus it only goes up to 90mph. But I get classic car insurance and no road tax so it's on the road for £1000 less than a modern car and looks so very, very, nice.

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Right now I have an '88 Ford Bronco II. Red and white, with runners and the brush guard. Its not a bad car, just well driven. It has well over 100,000 miles on it and nearing 2. The body on the car looks awesome and the interior is in wonderfull condition. Plus it has 4x4 which helps it keep its value.


Next year, after graduation, I am buying a new Ford Expedition. I can't wait. I am already counting down the days.

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