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I'm looking for an abomination similar to this.


Its the 3rd picture from the bottom.... It doesn't need to be accurate...but I could use some sort of big genetic freak...


Also, Imperial Scientists....

I have never seen any pictures of them, but, they ahve to be there!! Maybe somone can try making them???

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..... here's an idea, try making Zora Link from Majora's Mask, or the hidden character Sheik from "Super Smash Bros. Melee."



If you decide to try your hand, let me know. By the way, could you send me Link if you become successful in making him? The

e-mail address is blaut@abe.midco.net



Thank you for your time. I wish you good luck in your quest to bring Link from Hyrule and into Jedi Outcast.:D :D :fett::bdroid2:

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