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Exec Force configs via console binds

Homosexual Ewok

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I could have sworn there was a way to exec a Force config via a console bind.

If I remember it had to be done by the # value not the config name.

Something like \exec 7-1-030330000330001333


Where 7 represents Force Rank, and 0-3 represent the level/powers.


Anyone remember this stuff? It was around when the game first came out, but F-me if I can find a thread with it.

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well you got the number part right (if you open up a file in the forcecfg dir that's what the data looks like), but you're probably missing the actual command.


exec runs a file, doesn't actually send anything to the server.


Dunno waht the command is, gotta get to work so I can't look for it either ;)

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