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The LUNGE Question!!


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THis isn't a "How too Question" . . It's more like "What Version?"

I went on two different servers today and saw something . . NEW. I jumped from a high distance and went to slow my decent with LUNGE . . when LO-AND-BEHOLD . . my guy starts doing weird flipping somersaults in the air like he was have seizures or something, and I landed . . HARD! . . Real Hard!

I thought this might be just a little quirk with the lag or something . . but when I did my famous fake backflip to mid-air lunge it did the same damn thing(LOL . . "My FAMOUS" . . like I invented it . . PLEASE).

Biggest question is can this move do any stinkin damage? (other then causeing my advisary to laugh and make milk come out of his nose . . . HEY SHUT -UP!! . . that happens to be a real FORCE POWER!!) . . LOL

So can it do damage or should I avoid these servers if I want to confront my intended bitch in the air with a LUNGE smak down . . . ??

Inquiring minds wanna KNOW . . COME on TWINS I know you got this stuff all down in your memory . . lay it on me Twin MASTERS . .

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