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Proof that JEDI II kicks A$$ . .


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Originally posted by druid

Min sikkerhedsstab siger: That's a negative sir. Sagde du ikke også at du godt kunne forstå jeg ikke ville have lortet? hehe


Fer fooks sake druid!!

Okay okay... du vinder denne runde.... skal vi så ikke bare oprette et thread til annoncering a kampe i et relevant forum?

Forresten, jeg sagde at jeg umuligt kunne få mere spam end jeg gør i forvejen, specielt efter det nye trip med email-noter fra forummet.... :D:):rolleyes:



Anyone got ideas on where the right forum is, if you want to announce matches online?

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We seem to meet up fine at Hermes...no prob ;)


...and yes a place to make arrangements for meets would be nice ;)


U coo n such?:)


oh and just to make it plain: MSN has been filed under X :D


The reason why this reponse isn't in danish is that I don't want any1 thinking we're planning the next deathstar behind their backs :p


(Johnny Ringo: Let's do it lunger! :D) Ironic isn't it ? heh

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Well well well....


Even if you won't bow to the peer pressure of me and my emotions... *sigh*... I guess we can still announce matches in this place and meet up at hermes' at the odd time...


But I'd still like to see some hard proof of MSN's diabolical ways....

I can say with the hand over my heart that microsoft *still* haven't begun to secretly tap my cpu-power and use it for unspeakable purposes.... lol

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