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Okay . . this CLAN of Jedi's . . (Jedi's . . like they deserve the title) are doing this super fast spin . . I mean if they even get remotely close to you . . it's a one hit kill and they are almost invulnerable!!

They wait until you do an animation (or if there is no challenge a quick PULL to the ground) and then they get behind you and SPIN!!! . . instant death . .

I asked how they did it (I want that knowledge for the next time we meet) . .

I tried to challenge them, and when they excepted . . I was always around one swipe away with killing them, when they got the move off . . and even though I had 100 HP and 90 shields . . I was DEAD . . . I kept tagging them when they would start the spin I would jump back and throw my saber at their spinning HEAD . . tagging it here and there . . they even had the nerve to say . . "You throw too MUCH" . . LOL . . WTF!! . . not like I can run up to this blazing TOP of death and hack at it with red saber!!!!

Any one know How to do this .. If I come across them again . . I would really like to pay them back IN-KIND!!

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hehe I tried that script for an evening just to see if it was worth the hype.


my kill rate actually dropped trying to find some way to use it. I mean sure I'd score an occasional lucky hit by using one of the sweep attacks then triggering the script, but it seemed so much more reliable to just do it the old fashioned way.


was somewhat amusing though.. friend used my machine after I was done and he kept getting himself killed by accidentially hitting the key. I had it bound to Z, and he uses Z for absorb. ;)

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roflmao @ the noob....spinning backstab is not cheating


1. turn ur sensitvity all the way up (takes a lot of getting used to)

2. do a backstab

3. move ur mouse tot he left realy fast as song as u start the backstab

4. laugh at the noob u just killed who is now calling u a cheater

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Mouse sensitivity my ass. yawspeed cheating bull****. More cheap tricks for no talent hacks to abuse.


Originally posted by Xzzy

jump on their head.. don't kick, just stand on top of em. ;)


usually takes them a few seconds to find a way to counter that.


This is great fun..

You can step off them when the spinning idiot is done spining.

Sneak your own backsweep in.

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Originally posted by sak

go cheaters!!!!


GO CHEATERS? . . what possible fun do you get from cheating?


It's not you who beat that guy . . it's your script!! . . . sounds to me like you need something . . hmmmm . . TALENT maybe?

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Originally posted by DarthCobra

1. Step back

2. Lunge

3. Watch spinning idiot take a bunch of hits and die.

4. Laff at cheating spinning idiot and vote kick his cheating ass outta the game




Actually, I got on some public server, and a clan was having a training day (or something...). A bunch of guys were just standing around, and one dude was demonstrating his supper spinning move...I have to say, it was pretty impressive.


They were just using the plain chat to communicate, and the "leader" claimed that he set his mouse sensitivity to max, but he was also referencing commands in the console (which of course, implies cheating).


Just try this in the console: +right


Your player will then be eternally turing to the right...combine that with super speedy mouse, and you can probably replicate what he was doing.


I am certainly not advising you to use this tactic...people that do moves like this have no other way of fighting by normal means.

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