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/\ Chickity China the Chinese chicken

You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'


< has more than 6000 posts :D


\/ On the edge a windowsill. Ponders his maker ponders his will.

To the street below he just ain't nothing.

But he's got a great view and he sinks the needle deep. Yeah.

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/\ Hell No:p


<Likes the muppets


\/ Trembles at the fact that Mr. Bimbo will be the next Aresen mascot once he gets rid of Mr. Weasel. I hope he didnt hear me. Ahhhh there he is:eek:


Gotta Run, Gotta Run, Gotta Run. Ahhhhh he cornered me . Take that Mr.Weasel


Father Torque now realizes that he hit nothing and finds himself on the floor with Mr. Weasel on top of him. Then he see's Zbomber come towards him he pokes Mr. Weasel no effect. He pokes Father Torque and he dies. THE END:D

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/\I am dis many *holds up 6 fingers:p *


<has to go to bed now * where is mr snugglepuff


\/will help me find mr snugglepuff



Boba Rhett made a hello funny banner once it had yoda holding a stuffed animal instead of a lightsaber and it said Mr. SnugglePuff you want, but have him you may not. O where o where could my mr. snugglepuff gone o where o where could he be:) . My favorite song * dont laugh*

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