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Jedi Outcast: 1.04 Server Fixes!


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This from Kenn @ Raven


Jedi Outcast 1.04 Dedicated Server Issues:


A number of people have reported issues with the new 1.04 dedicated servers for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast showing up as 1.03 in the server browsers after successful patching and updating. The reason for this is likely that server admins are shutting down their servers, patching them to 1.04 and re-launching them before the server times out with the master server. When the server starts up again, the master server sends its heartbeat to the game server, thinks it’s still up from before and keeps it running as 1.03.


The best solution to this problem is to take down your server and leave it down for 10 minutes (5 is the timeout) after you patch it before launching it again. This allows the master server to clear the old server info from its cache, send a new heartbeat to the game server and re-list it as 1.04.


The other common issues that people are reporting relate to people not having the assets5.pk3 in their base directories and replacing their old executables with the new ones. You MUST install the 1.04 client patch BEFORE you install the dedicated server updates.


Those two fixes should solve most of the pending issues with 1.04 dedicated server utils for Jedi Outcast.

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Ummm.. hate to burst your bubble but that worked on the 17th, 18th the day I added the patch to the server and found that info.


Worked well until yesterday and today both days it removed our servers from the 1.04 list. (and put them back on the 1.03a/1.02 list).




We where listed as 1.04 after doing this server drop for 30-40 minutes.


WEll to fix it I have been doing the same thing taking the server down.


But are we going to have to do this every single day? Or is raven going to fix the problem? THis is not just a problem with updating from 1.03a .. its a problem with keeping our server listed as a 1.04!


Isn't anyone else having this same issue? I marked a bunch of 1.04 servers as favorite the other day and they are still there but not listed anymore too. So I would think not.

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Wow.. haven't been on these forums in a while. But yeah.. it appears to be fixed now. I had solved the problem by every week with a program that automatically reboots the machine and 1 hour later brings the server back up. This totally fixed it for me. But about a couple months ago I turned that off. I have now noticed that my server is always being listed. So they must have fixed it. THANK GOD.. but a little too late don't ya think?


Anyways.. I still think my server is one of the most popular CTF servers. Same ip.. BFCarange.com


We are recruiting now for JK3 and playing around with JK2 still. Expect to see some good players on our server. The die-hards still hang out there but its infested with n00bs again.. sigh.lol




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