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lost my CD

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Originally posted by QueZTone

i agree with Ben, my cds too are all scratch free. Except for Outlaws CD2. Why? Cause i used that daily for 2 years straight, and it went in and out of my cdrom drive more than once per day.


Still I wonder how the scratches got on there.....


Mine is also scratch free! All of them! Yay! :D

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Originally posted by SamNMax as their signature

From the personal log of Guybrush Threepwood "Sometimes when it's quite, I can still here the monkeys. It's hard to belive that it's only been a few years since I washed up on the beaches of Melee Island, armed with nothing more than a goofy name and an overpowering urge to be a swashbuckleing pirate. Who could have suspected that such a humble persute would lead me to cross swords with the evil pirate LeChuck, the slimeyest slug ever to plunder the 7 seas? And who could have guessed that my battles with LeChuck would lead me to the love of my life, Melee Island's govoner Eliane Marly? And that Elian's hand would repetively drag me to the mystery dred shores of Monkey Island? Not me that's for sure. Back then the only thing duller than my sword was my wit. Now look at me! I'm marryed to the most beutiful Govorment offical in the Carribean, the untire Tri- Island shudders at the sound of my name. And now my plunder bunny and I are returning to Melee Island. After the most incredibol hunnymoon in the history of"- "Guybrush!!"

Not to sound like a butt or anything, but is there any possible way you could trim this down to about 2-3 lines? Andrei555/"King Andrei" just went through the same thing in other forums because of a sig this long... He was the butt of flames, insults, and finally temporary banishment from the forums because his sig was so huge - would hate to see the same thing happen here. :( (not threatening you, btw - just advising you to learn from Andrei's example...)

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