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yummy on the avatar lexx, very ROSWELL-ian :)


I also played Jane Doe:), but where was Hermes last night????

I dig it not:confused: Would not show up on my list :(:(


btw: be sure to wear xtra padding when facing psocques....she pax a mean punch 'n then some :)

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I had trouble finding Hermes for the longest time...But then I heard about the All Seeing Eye, and now my troubles are gone!


You ever have those nights when you can't find the server you want, and the ingame browser is really dragging?


Do what I and many others like me do and turn on the ASE! It plugs right into your computer and will show you every single server out there running JKII!!


Now what would you pay for something like this?



$50.00? :tsk:



Well, now you can get the ASE for free! (the unregistered version) or you can pay $10.00 for one year or the best bet $19.95 (I think) for a lifetime.


Security, isn't that what everyone is looking for? I think so!


Go talk to your nearest ASE certified dealer today and tell 'em Sac sent ya! :thmbup1:




**this promo brought to you by livingsacrifice**no money exchanged hands during the taping of this promo (well, not much :D)




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Originally posted by livingsacrifice

Thank you, thank you *bowing*


Is this thing on? Its really great to be here (uses his best Bill Murray lounge singer voice)


"star wars, nothing but star wars" hey, thank you! :thmbup1:


Here is an oldie but a goodie, and it's not my mom either! Stop it you kids, I love ya!!! :D




:sweat: You should know... I declared it open season on lounge singers back in the mid 80s... :evil2: heh

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