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Getting to know each other

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If she's ancient (Salma Hayek), I'll be happy to be ancient with her. Just send us both to the same nursing home.
Looks like Alzheimer's made you forget you're married, Ancient One. :xp:
Jimbo gonna get




Unless she's kinda freaky :xp:

Uh, no. ;)
:bluidea: :bluidea: :bluidea:

So am I late to the party by putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with jimbo fett 66 and Jae Onasi as husband and wife? :fist::giveup:

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I've been here some time, but I hadn't posted here yet so here it goes:


Name: Dirk

Age: 25

Location: Belgium

Fav movies: Star Wars, LotR, many others, to much to name individually

Fav Tv: 24, Blackadder, Band of Brothers

Fav Books: Most novels by Tom Clancy, the NJO, Lanfeust (European comic)

Hobbies other than Star Wars: .... euh ... well,... there was...?? oh, never mind. :D

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But I'm the one who brought KOTOR to the house. I gave it to her as a Christmas present.
:lol: You know you married well when you can bring home a Star Wars video game as a gift for your wife and she digs it. I'm not married (yet) but if either of my two married brothers gave a KotOR game to their wife I'm sure they would get the :eyeraise: followed by :firemad: and then be in the doghouse for at least a month. :animelol:


EDIT: That's not to say my brothers didn't marry well because I think they did but, well, I think y'all know what I mean... ;)

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:lol: You know you married well when you can bring home a Star Wars video game as a gift for your wife and she digs it.



It was a great Christmas gift. We had to go buy a second copy so he could have one in the Army while I had mine at home. :comp9:

At least he didn't get me an waffle iron or blender for Christmas, or worse, a Chia pet :xp:

The games are fun. Your sisters-in-law don't know what they're missing. :D


And that's what I get for having my nose stuck in science and science fiction books instead of fashion magazines all these years. ;) I do like the nicer things in life, but I'm just not a frou-frou/bling-bling kind of gal.

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Name: Milo's just a nickname, real name Henry




Location: Utah


Hobbies: playin bass guitar, reading, playin video games


Favorite music: Hmm, pretty much everything. *takes deep breath* Jack Johnson, Nickelback, Disturbed, Eminem, Johnny Cash, Outkast, Bruce Sprinsteen, Guns 'n' Roses, Weird Al, James Blunt, System of a Down, Gorillaz, Black Eyed Peas, 50 Cent, Green Day, Death Cab for Cutie, Chevelle, Foo Fighters...I could go on for ever


Favorite TV shows: I don't watch much TV. Sometimes I'll turn on Adult Swim for a while. Lately, I've been watching The Office every thursday night.


Favorite Games: Halo, Star Craft, Warcraft, Diablo (pretty much anything by blizzard) Kotor I and II, Half Life and some mods like Counter-strike and Day of Defeat... umm... can't think of any more right now


Favorite Movies: all 6 Star Wars, though the originals were a bit better, Bourne Identity, Lord of the Rings, anything with Chris Farley, lots of others

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^ By Bourne Identity, do you mean the original, or the crappy Matt Damon remake?


EDIT: Never mind, I just realized that 'the original' was actually a TV mini series based on the book. My bad.


Actually, that was my bad. I haven't seen the movie, but the book was sitting on the desk by my computer when I wrote this, I don't know why I put it under movies...Does the one with Matt Damon suck?


Edit: To not take the thread off topic... But to answer your question MJM, The Bourne Identity is quite good actually. Of course I watch and enjoy a wide variety of moves so my tolerance levels are far wider than some. ;)


Remember folks this thread isn't about movie critiques. :) -RH

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NAME- Atris2

LOCATION- fl. miami


HOBBIES- reading books and impressing my parents in school

SCHOOL- American Senior High/ Freshmen

DON'T LIKE OF GAMES- playing scary one's i hate them.

FAVORITE GAMES- Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 1 and 2

FAVORITE MOVIES- Star Wars 1-6 and the Note Book


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@Sanctuary, Hassup!

You do know you're missing out on a lot of good games, right?


@Atris, Welcome:D

Please tell me you're not like the first Atris, all grouchy and stuff, we get enough of tat from the moderators:lol:

Yeh, but I work too much anyway.

40+ @ my job, then more @ home.

I make time for the KOTOR series.

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Just a quick note of caution.

For the past several weeks, MYSpace.com has been in the news. I see no problem with a 'Hello' thread, however; try to keep your personal information private. We are all friendly here, but you never know who is lurking.


Carry on with caution, and welcome all new comers. :)

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