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Originally posted by Achilles

buying a BMW to get me through my mid-life crisis.

you still have 20 yrs ahead of you before getting to mid-life crisis :D


Name: starts with "M"


Age: 31


Born: Quebec Canada but lived abroad for years - studied in 15 different schools -.


Education: two University degrees - music and law - ( I know it's weird )


Occupation: lawyer - it allows me to play music but the contrary wouldn't be possible -


Hobbies: travelling around the world, learning new languages (fluent in 4 languages + some fair knowledge of two others), computers, games, reading (anything from science, politics, novels, comics, etc.) , equitation, skiing, etc.

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Name: W;P


Age: 18


Born: Lexington, South Carolina, USA


Location: Greenville, South Carolina, USA (yes, i'm south'n)


Job: A restaraunt cook(part-time), college student (full-time, and i pay them :rolleyes: )


Single (go figure)


Education: High School Diploma, getting my B.A. in Electrical Engineering


Hobbies: Computers, First-person shooters, studying (bleh), and reading


Favorite Bands(in no particular order): Project 86, Demon Hunter, Skillet, P.O.D, Disciple, Norma Jean, Haste the Day, and Living Sacrifice


Interests: God (always), KOTOR (will last till TSL :D ), one day getting married with childern (good show, btw :p ), football (Go Carolina!!! WOOT-WOOT!!), and music (in general)

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Name: Jon (nickname)


Age: 20


Born: Puerto Rico


Education: Currently getting my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.


Ocupation: FULL-time student (24 hour days aren't enough :disaprove )


Hobbies: Computers, Video Games (RPGs, FPS and Action), Anime (mostly Gundam), Movies (SW, LOTR Ext. dvds), Music (System of a Down, Dream Theater, and any rock band who values good lyrics over noise)


Aspire to: Be a design engineer; write an original science-fiction novel during my lifetime.

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Name: Tommy (What's with all the secrets?!)

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Irish/German American

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 285- 300lbs-ish more the former rather than the latter

Eyes: Light Brown

Hair: Naturally Blonde (sorry Darth333)... Going... GREY?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Hmm... Better grey than bald...

Facial Hair: Moddified Goatee... Don't ask...

Location: Saratoga County, NY USA

Occupation: Father of a 7mo. old boy (Junior!!), Loving husband and awaiting a job in law enforcement

Hobbies: Wishing for a better computer, playing KotOR on X-Box (:( ), and somehow talk about the game more than I play it.

Likes: Anything original, Sci-fi, Creepy-ish Horror films ( not the bloody gore ones), George W. Bush, a good spanking... er..um.. scratch that...

Dislikes: A baby crying out of pain, Boring, done already ideas, Dumb people's opinions

Music: Rock, Metal, some Rap,some Country Depends on my mood.

Food: Mmmm... Fooooood...

Wonders: What's "KEEN"? How does a 13yr old become a modeator (no offence)? Why is Carth so lame?

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Originally posted by UrchSr

Hair: Naturally Blonde (sorry Darth333)...

Erm...naturally blonde here too...

How does a 13yr old become a modeator (no offence)?

Huh? Moderators here at swk are closer to 31 than 13 :rolleyes:

Why is Carth so lame?

:tsk: Not so lame: http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=136679 (yeah well perhaps headless on svösh's pic...but not so lame... :D )
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Name: J.


Age: 26


Born: Durango Colorado, unfortunatly stuck in Mesa AZ now (hey Buzzard & Achilles)


Occupation: Student finishing up music recording school. Security guard to get $$$$$$


Favorite bands (in this order as of today): The Doors, Samhain, Misfits, Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, Exploited, Type O, Tool, RatM, Iron Maiden, pre 'Justice' Metallica, Christian Death, the Stones, early G n' R, The Cramps.....


Looking forward to: Ep3 RotS, K2 TSL, dinner, the extinction of the human race.


Hobbies: Playing guitar in my punk & bass in my metal bands, poetry & stories, games, reading, gambling, "chaos disorder activities that seem to have no meaning", plotting the eventual destruction of all man kind. You know, the usual......



*Edit* Spelling

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Originally posted by Darth333

Erm...naturally blonde here too...

Huh? Moderators here at swk are closer to 31 than 13 :rolleyes:

:tsk: Not so lame: http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=136679 (yeah well perhaps headless on svösh's pic...but not so lame... :D )


1) Legally doesn't mean naturally, sorry 'bout that. That just means you are cooler now.


2) Some are really young... A SUPER moderator, what ever that means, I won't name any names is 16yrs old according to this thread. I saw a 13 year old moderator here as well as 18. I was just courious. How do you be a moderator period?! I just wanted to know.


3) IMHO Carth is lame. Jean Claude Van Dam Has ripped abs, too and is still lame. He was a huge whiner, too. That silly gun waving animation he did was wussy-like, too. Did you ever notice that Carth was soo much older than Revan. Carth likes the younger ladies. Creepy dude. Bastila and Revan are much closer in age. He should have hooked up with Juhani, at least she is a Knight and a little older. Dustil is going to be a much better character in TSL then his father was in the first one. It wasn't confirmed yet, but a party member looks a lot like him. Darkeside force user with dual blasters in your party sounds like a lot of fun. Traveling to Telos just makes it more believeable, doesn't it?

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job-waiter at local pizza place(hey money is money)

born-hettinger ND, but now I live in a little place called Lemmon sd (GO LEMMONITES)

band-Van Halen(goin to concert this weekend:urpdude: )

status-the jock/gamer of the class

hobbies-wrestling,football,kotor,tsl,and many other things

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All this time and I just noticed this... ugghhh... I'm feeling like Jolee everyday... huh? what?



Name: Ant


Sex: Male


Age: born in 1973...do the math young'uns ;)


Location: Knoxville, TN


Occupation: Non-linear Media Editor for

Jewelry Television® (I make commercials with fancy effects)


Education: after 3rd grade I stopped counting. My piece of paper that cost more than I'd like, says "B.S. Electrical Engineering"


Hobbies: HTML, Dismantling anything that has shiny buttons and putting it back together, Java, Motion Video (AfterEffects, BorisFX, Motion, Shake), Editing (FinalCutPro, Avid, Media100, Premiere), Photoshop 'chopping', Modding & COFFEE! (yes I'm serious... coffee)



GAH! I feel like I'm doing a dating service interview... hehehe

Single Hetero- Male looking for.... no one... single and loving it ;)


Anywho, that's it... to quote my hero Jolee: "My throat is dry and you're bothering me... shoo!"

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Name: Mark (hence the mark in starmark2k)


age: 18


Location: UK (in both essex and kingston)


Occupation: Student (forensic science), Part time work in pathology labs at harold wood hospital.


favourite bands: offspring, lost profits, fuel. (yes i am morbid but i spend most of time over dead bodies and bit that have been taken off or cut out of people, you would be too)


Likes: Anything that could be described as geeky

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My first post :fett:


Name: metalhead


Age: 17ish


Location: west coast

Occupation: student


Hobbies: music, writing storys, hockey (watching and playing), and of course Star Wars video games & books.


Favourite Music: classic rock/metal. Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Deep Purple, Van Halen, Project 86, Collective Soul, 12 Stones, etc...


Favourite Games: KoTOR, Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, Jedi Outcast, Halo, Halo 2, Red Alert, Age Of Empires II, etc...

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Ok, I'll bite.


Name: Acaciah


Age: older than you, most of you anyway


Born: the South


Occupation: speech path


Favorite bands: very eclectic tastes, chick rock, punk, rawk, classical, jazz, um, anything but country, really.


Looking forward to: Ep3 RotS, K2 TSL, finishing my master's.


Hobbies: writing fan fic, webmistressing, PS7, gaming.

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Age-1 year and 2 months before I can legally drink




Deathplace-Anywhere but Indiana...


Occupation-Student at Ball State


Favorite Bands-Anything from high school, its sad but I still listen to the same CDs


Favorite Games-X-wing Alliance, Rebellion, Jedi Knight, Mike Tyson's Punchout, Knights of the Old Republic ofcourse, Madden05, SSX3, and pretty much half the games out there

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Im pretty much new here and Im trying to find just the right avatar, I saw some glowing around the userna,es after you reach a certain amount of posts but I was also wondering if you get to pick the colors?

I live In Kentucky, Im 15 and I love Star Wars, I havnt been very updated but Im working on it. I moved to Florida and got really intrested, I came back here and lost intrest and got into Smallville, Im still into Smallville and I'm going to get back into Star Wars.

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