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Getting to know each other

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Name: not on the forums lol


Age: 23


Location: Northeast PA

Occupation: Photo Specialist


Hobbies: Gaming, Mt Biking, Bowling, Fishing, and Hunting


Favourite Music: Mostly Rock, any band except hinder and fallout boys (wouldn't consider fallout boys rock tho)


Favourite Games: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Halo 3, Oblivion, Star Wars Galaxies (taking a long break from it for time being)

Welcome, Rogue15! I was disappointed when I didn't see any KotOR games listed in your favorite games though. ;)


@ everyone else - Something to remember, Rogue15 has a gun. ;P

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Hi, everyone!.

Name: Jacob.

Age: 41

Location: My Scrapyard

Occupation: IT creature, not far from turning into a droid. Star Wars veteran from 1977.

Hobbies: Reading, films with a plot, games, avoiding sports, music.

Likes: My family, my friends, tea, etc. (see hobbies)

Dislikes: Not having time for my family and friends when there's too much work.

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Thanks for the welcome! Techhead that I am, I've already posted a little. Never mind my age: according to my wife and several other important people, I'll never grow up. :jester1:

Dude …. Age doesn’t matter!! (Well if you where 75 or more, well that would be creepy) …. Btw … Live life and feel the addiction this forum is!! Haha!!!

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It's been a while since I've roamed this haunt so I thought I'd re intro myself.


My name is Katy.

I'm 20 years of age.

The reason I haven't been a round in a while is because I became heavily involved with drugs... errr I mean a Boise star wars fan club by the name of the New Boise Order. So I started posting a lot of the Force.net. But those guys are drama queens.. Who would have thought eh? Any who...

I love star wars and Kotor is my favorite SW game. I really hope that there is 3rd one someday.

I work at Wally World in the toy department. yay toys!

I love to write and read and play guitar. I'm the lead guitarist in my newly formed band that doesn't have a name atm. We just had our 3rd rehearsal and we've already recorded our first song... minus lyrics... still haven't got a singer. :(

You'll probably see me the most in the role playing threads.

That's about it I guess. Live long and prosper all! Peace and Love!

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hey guys, dropping in to say hai...


Fully qualified Naval warfare rating now :) will gief pics when i have the ability to. Just fired up my computer after a few stale months of doing nothing, and she sounds angry >.>


You know the one you share with Larry the tapeworm.


Nice to know larry is still alive and well. Did the nuke also turn up at somepoint?


Busy days ahead, first tour of dsuty starts 5th feb, and still there is paperwork. I leave Faswell aboard a trafalgar calss sub on a short 1 month patrol. so if i don't have the time to get back...i'll be in the water.


...be careful when you go swimming >:D

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Alright, I suppose I should give this a shot..


My name is Adam, ("Hi Adam!") and I am a Kotorholic. I'm twenty years old, and I can't play a 'Dark Side' character because I'm too absorbed in being an epic hero. Some day, I'll probably get over the choices that I would make and take a plunge into the ways of the Sith - but until then I'll be over here casting these buffs again and again and again. I'll probably be active on these forums for a while, since I've finally found a community of people just as enthralled with the Star Wars universe as myself.


Random Fact: I didn't care about Star Wars until a friend recommended I play 'Knights of the Old Republic'. After my first play-through, I finally sat down and watched the movies.

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TSR wrote:

Nice to know larry is still alive and well. Did the nuke also turn up at somepoint?


Wait..wasn't it a nuclear bunker containing me and JM12? You ate us man! And that fricking hamburger (or half fried cow really) floating next to us wasn't exactly a pretty sight! Although the tapeworm was worse...


Anyways, good to see you back TSR. I'll watch out when swimming.



My backyard. Ztalker is not amused...:xp:

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