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Getting to know each other

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Name: --


Age: 13


Location: Ohio,United States


Occupation: Nerd/Student


Hobbies: gaming, D&D, reading, running...


Favourite Music: Kamelot, Van Halen, Led Zepplin, ect...


Favourite Games: KotOR series, RepCom, Halo, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, Call of Duty, ect...

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Hello! :D


It's time to introduce myself x)




Age: 18 in... let's say.. 41 days ^^


Country: Well, I'm mexican, half french, born in mexico, and now I live in Paris °° (texas! xD no, no just joking °°)


Favorite games: Well obviously the Kotor series... and some other games, but it doesn't matters :p


I'm of course studying... in fact tomorrow start a hell week of exams every day =(


Hobbies: drawing, modding, playing, eating(!!!!), sleeping (even if the modding have take some time over my sleep lately xD), and.. LFuming.. what else? :o


In music, I like... let's make a list:


Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, The beatles, The Doors, The White Stripes, The Libertines, Joy Division, The Strookes, The Do, The Moldy Peaches, The Clash, Marilyn Manson, Cat Stevens, Iggy Pop, and some other stuff 8D


Nice to be with all of you! :p

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Age: 18 in... let's say.. 41 days ^^
So what you're saying is that in 41 days, you wont be bull****ting when you click yes to the age verification at your favorite porn sites...


Also, welcome I suppose.

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So what you're saying is that in 41 days, you wont be bull****ting when you click yes to the age verification at your favorite porn sites...


It's a possible point of view, but i guess I will have better uses of my age xD as Telling my mother "chut!!! i'm18 now!" xD even if I use it already 8D

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Well, ive been around for awhile now, but you guys probably don't know much about me, so i decided to use this thread :thmbup1:


Name: Scott


Age: 15


Country: USA, Illinois


Favorite games: Kotor, Oblivion, Mass Effect 2, and games that are like Age of Empires



Hobbies: modding, 3d modeling(even though im not that good yet), Soccer, um.. i know theres something else....


Music i listen to: Shinedown, Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch

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Name: Nathanial Robb


Age: 19


Country: USA, OH (Akron!!)


Favorite games: KotOR, Age of Empires (Eff you Microsoft I want Ensemble Back), Mass Effect (and everything else by Bioware), NBA 2k10, Unreal Tournament 2k4, Counter Strike:Source


Hobbies: UT2k4 Mapmaker, CSS Map Editor, Writing (my favorite), music, rapping, I watch a lot of movies


Music i listen to: Eminem (Not Afraid is the single greatest song in history), Chamillionaire (Good Morning is the SECOND Greatest song in history), okay so name a rapper I have prolly heard their songs. ACDC is amazing too.


Now about my Screen name. I AM NOT A DRUGGIE. NAR is my initials. I friend of mine in my UT clan before I had a real username (I played under the name Rookie lol) pointed out that I could play under the SN Narcotics, I comprimised at NAR(cotics), and haven't dropped the title yet.


NAR(coticS) Studios is my dream, and I hope for it to become successful someday. It's a company devoted to finding talent (Writing, Art, Music, Modeling, and so forth) and giving them the tools and connections to better themselves at what they do and get their work out in the world so they can make money.

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Well........i never actually realized there was a thread like this so........might as well try it out ^^


Name: David (nickname: Dac)


Age: 16 in about a month


Country: Hungary


Hobbies: Drawing, animating, playing and watching basketball, watching cartoons


Favourite games: Mass Effect 1 & 2, Battlefront 1 & 2, Jedi Knight II, Kotor 1 & 2, NBA 2k10


Other stuff to know about me:

Huge Lakers fan and my best (real life) friend is huge Celtics fan :p

Love to watch american cartoons just please don't ask why i don't know

My two favourite voice actors are Jennifer Hale and Kevin Michael Richardson

Used to mod Kotor, EaW and RC but........i retired

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I am very new to these forums...I have just joined today. I rarely go on forum sites but I saw all the great discussions up here so I decided to join along with the community. :)


Anyways, I'm 16 and I am a filmmaker. I loved Star Wars all my life, and my favorite Star Wars games are the KotOR series. Battlefront is also really fun.


Anyways, I hope to converse with you all in the future.



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Hey guys. Mr. Platypus speaking here. I enjoy eating Cherry Pie. And I like Platypi :thmbup1:


Name: Mr. Platypus :ninja2:


Age: 13


Location: United States


Occupation: Student/Nerd


Hobbies: gaming, music, DnD and other tabletop RPGs, reading, science, modding


Favourite Music: Dream Theater, Nightwish, Kamelot, Sabaton and other metal.


Favourite Games: Republic Commando, KotOR series, Fable TLC, LOTR: Battle For Middle Earth ect.

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Well since i am here a month already :D and i don't know about the community very much so ^^


Name: Armands


Age: 18


Location : Latvia :>


Occupation: Student


Stuff i like to do: Bodybuilding (YES!) , gaming (not so much atm), driving, modding.


Games i like to play: ME, ME2, Fallout 3, CoD4, Kotor 1 & TSL


Music i like to listen to : Evanscene, Slipknot, H-Blockx & other metal related stuff.


Well i hope i will get along fine with this great community :thmbup1:

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Name: Luke


Age: 18


Location: Cambridge UK


Occupation: Now ex-student, football referee


Hobbies: Guitar, bass, drums, refereeing, gaming


Favourite Music: Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Sylosis, Napalm Death, Gallows. Anything from pop-punk to death metal


Favourite Games: KOTOR series, Force Unleashed, FIFA World Cup 10, Saints Row, Football Manager.


Most Awaited Games: Force Unleashed 2, CoD: Black Ops, Medal Of Honor, FIFA 11, Football Manager 11

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NAME: Ed Nigma


AGE: 16




HOBBIES: Star Wars, Freestyle Skiing, Nerd-Talk and High-Fiving




FAVORITE GAMES: KotOR I & II, Fable I & II, Saints Row 1 & 2 and Mass Effect 1 & 2


MOST AWAITED GAMES: Fable III, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Saints Row 3, Mass Effect 3 and BRINK

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