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Getting to know each other

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Name: Mike


Age: 16


Location: Connecticut USA


Occupation: School


Hobbies: Hockey (duh), Texting, Computers, Swimming


Favorite Music: Slipknot & Disturbed


Favorite Games: Call of Duty series (4 and above), Republic Commando, Battlefield Bad Company, TFU 2


Born: Hartford, Connecticut "MADE IN THEUSA"

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Hey yall!! Its me A Mirror


The name; Patrick Harvey:indif:

The age; 14:indif:

Fave game; KotOR 2:)

Fave music; Pop/electronica:thmbup1:

Occupation; STILL IN GR 8:mad:

Most eagerly awaited game; KotOR 3(IF at all):raise:


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Hello everyone!


I'm going to go ahead and say, I've looked around this forum for awhile now, but I only recently started playing Kotor again. Some things seem to never get old.


My name is Aaron. I am 18 years old and I'm a sophomore in college. My favorite games right now are probably Halo: Reach, Kotor II with DStoney's restored content mod, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect 2. I'm eagerly anticipating Mass Effect 3. I live in South Carolina, and will be transferring to Clemson University next year to get an Army ROTC scholarship.


@Liverandbacon: I love the Spartacus reference :D

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Primogen - you're right. I would guess that the majority of the fan base are nerds. Who else would stay interested in the game after a play through or two? KotOR is a good game, a great game even - but it's not that good. However, when combined with the ability to script the game to do virtually anything, it goes from being a great game to a phenomenal game. Scripting in NWscript, or any modding for that matter, doesn't come naturally to non-nerds. ;)


That said, about me:


I'm a nerd.

I work as a software developer for American National Insurance.

Some of my interests are Blender, web design, and ice cream.

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Here's a really simplified answer...


Geeks usually delve into pop culture such as sci-fi, anime, fantasy, etc. Nerds are people who have a lot of book-smarts who get really into whatever field they're interested in. For example, my sister is an English nerd, but the more "famous" variants are into Mathematics and Science.


The two groups usually overlap... but you can get Geeks like myself who don't have much in the way of book-smarts and Nerds who don't like pop culture.

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Nice definitions Lynk Former. One more question; is it geeks, nerds, or both who automatically have poor social skills?


@Jai'galaar Bralor, 'fraid not.


@Sabretooth; different type of Blender, but that type goes better with ice cream I suppose. It did give me the interesting vision of attempting to get ice cream through my screen into a piece of software.

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is it geeks, nerds, or both who automatically have poor social skills?


I've known People who've never read a book or seen Star Wars, who couldn't hold a conversation with a stranger, and I've known Comic collectors and MMO players with the prowess of Wilt Chamberlain... :)

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