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OK, not stictly LA related but...


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The description on this forum says something like "Talk about anything from Attack of the Clones to Zak Mcraken". No where does it say it has to be LA related.


Ok, that's point 1 over with. Now point 2...


I have a friend who is desperate (well, pretty desperate. I imagine Ebay might be out of the question) to get some yellow sneakers, preferrably Converse All-Stars. I know these exist because I have seen pictures of them but for the life of me I can't find any for her to buy.


Here's the other catch, both of us live in England and so that probably puts some shops (ie: ones that don't deliever to England) out of her reach.


Any information would be very much appreciated and if you do feel fit to delete this, can you please tell me where I can post it and get some helpful replies? Thank you.

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