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I have read a lot of threads here, but recently I have encountered a disturbance in the FORCE . . LOL . . couldn't resist . . I have read here that the Light side of the FORCE was more powerful . . I squared off with this guy HEERO and found him to be a COWARD with challenges, but a fantastic manipulator of the DARK side of the FORCE. He was incredible at PULLING and seamed to know the very mechanics of this FORCE. I Was using Light side with normal PUSH /PULL, Absorb, and Protect . . I had RED stance activated and would come up to him with Absorb on (since he was such a PULL whore I was going to try the same stuff on him) he would quickly Pull/Kick me ( I am usually a master at kicking, but this really threw me off) . . now the pull would drop my guard with absorb on and the kick would almost always work . . I would then get up with a kick of my own, but be glanced by his Back stab . . then I would pull him, and as he fell I would do a Red Back stab (supposed to do 300 damage) but he would snap on Dark RAGE and survive with speed enough to get a backstab on me while I am in the tail end of mine and KILL ME!!! I suppose I could try and Spin my Backstab with YAW cranked up but would this make a difference??

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Originally posted by Dark_ZONE

Yes 1.03, but tell what would 1.04 do differently for me?


Sorry man, it's just that I see no point in pulling/backstabbing fx in 1.04


Backstab is worthless now, compared to 1.03...


No offence, and I'm no good at this force business anyway.... You'd probably kick my arse in 1.04 as well :D

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1.04 has nerfed backstabs, so that would make the difference. Theres really no need to run around spamming pull and bs because it just doesn't do enough damage to center a strategy around it. I played 1.04 for a couple weeks, and it seemed like kick, lunge, and dfa ruled the day. And well quite honestly, thats the way it should be, with maybe kick receiving a nerf. I don't see why a move that has your back turned to your opponent would do the most damage. However, I still play 1.03, because its quick. 1.04 has long, drawn out battles, and that to me, is boring. Action is what I like, and 1.03 has more of it imo.


Anyway, to your questions, dark vs. light. In a 1.03 environment, they are pretty equal, with dark probably receiving an edge in my book strictly because of RAGE. It's hard to counter it, and when I see someone turn it on, I try to keep my distance, swiping here and there, and wait for it run out. Then I pursue his slow ass!


Heres what I suggest. If you're up against an experienced, good, dark user, use dark yourself. Thats been the only counter for it in my book. A person who uses dark wisely can be pretty difficult to beat. So if you can't beat em, join em! Except for scripters. Scripters suck ass so I wouldn't want to join that group for it is cheating in my book.

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Originally posted by its420onthedot

Except for scripters. Scripters suck ass so I wouldn't want to join that group for it is cheating in my book.


I'm not countering that scripters are cheating because I don't argue there. But what I have an obsessive compulsive drive to play the devil's advocate...


The movie Tron, even for its B-Movie plot and acting should've at least gotten commended for special effects by the community of the day but it didn't!


What happened was half the movie industry thought that it was cheating and all they did was speak to the computer saying "Computer, I want you to do this this and this and make it go that way across the screen" when in reality they had to build a hardcoded computer that did nothing BUT a series of Tron effects with a few switches for variables like scale, speed of movement, etc...


The other half of the industry said "Here comes the future and there goes my job!"


The latter half were much closer to reality..

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Dark powers rule in an open ffa match on a saber only server. With all offensive capabilities you are pretty much guaranteed to be in a top slot. As for coming up against a light side player patience is the only way to win when it’s dark against light. The main thing to do in that battle is to just use saber tactics and use the force selectively so you do not “power” the light side player.


I have push set to level 1 so that I can give them a little tap now and then. If they do not glow I start to choke them. At this point I know they are going to do one of three things:


1)Throw the saber; this makes it easy because my choke is hurting you more than the saber throws hurt me and I can drop you and hit drain pretty quick to recharge any damage.


2)Push me. A good tactic, but it is seldom used because of the need of nearly a full force bar to knock your opponent back. Plus if I hold you over my head it makes it hard for the Light Jedi to push me anyway.


3)Turn on the old standby to null my power. This is the one that I want. At this point I have you set for a variety of moves. Even when you null the force there is a split second where you are unable to react. This is when I plant a lunge, kick or red stance saber blow on the light Jedi.


I do not think that any side has any real total dominance in the game; you must pick what you are most comfortable with.

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