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Who's line is it anyway

Ewok Hunter

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well since I got no bites on the SWG for this. one person said to try it in a RP forum , so I thought I might try here just for the heck of it :)


any of you watch this show? it's this comedy show where these actors improvise skits based on cirtain prompts. well anyway lets try doing one of those things here.

let's start with superheros: the actors are superheros who try to solve a crisis. as each person comes on he is given his superhero-ish name by the person ahead of him.

OK; the crisis is that Ewoks have taken over the Imperial Palace

and the first superhero is :max:

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*Music plays* I was walking through the Imperial Palace one day when I found a million ewoks coming in with spears, arrows, and all that primitive stuff. Amazingly, they took the place over! So, I, the biggest lunatic of them all, took out two thermal detonators and blew out a huge chunk of everything! Then, I took out my Merson-X Rocket Launcher and charged at every darn thing around me!

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