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Sons_Of_Yoda challenging and recruiting


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In the words of the unofficial Mr T:

Kids, don't eat fireworks and don't do physical labor. Yeah foo' no suicide foo'.

The unofficial Mr T then lost his dentures and was never seen again. If anyone finds them, please send them to your nearest neighbour, demanding they return your goat.


Oh, I haven't played the Dragonball Z mod for Q3.

I have played the U4E for UT :D

Zombies! Big weapons that suck people into wormholes! W00T!

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im here. ... no i havent played teh DBZ mod. ive seen my mate play it tho.. why is it freaky without me posting???



i just find my own forums are a little more interesting than thse lucasforums that all. i gues i dont appreciate them much anymore. lol. school takes up most of my time too


so does playing quake3 on nightmare mode. and playing ut2003. and stuff. heh... yeah


catch all


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Way to go DY! That looks cool with that chat thingy and all :p


I recently installed a chat-app too on our website, it's mIRC based and very cool :D

You are always welcome to chat on it too DY! :D


When you gonna start the registration for the clanwebsite awards? Cozz we wonna maintain our 1st place :p


Anywayz, if any of you guys wanna see our chat (or site:P) just go to http://here.is/renegadejedi

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um dude. man i think JKII is dying

it seriously needs a new patch i reckon

who agrees?


That is correct...


I think the JKII community is alive and prosperous. I don't think it will be dead for a very long time. Just my opinion though.


That, however, is incorrect.


The community(excluding nerds and lifeless people), is no longer prosperous. The only thing keeping LF alive is Yoda's Swamp. And even with that...people are struggling to keep the swamp alive.

We all know that that is the honest truth...no matter what we wanna believe..

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Well I think the community is going smoothly.


I play at least once every day (or I try to), and I am neither a nerd nor lifeless guy.



I just wish people would stop saying it's dead. If that would happen, it would not be "dead."


The community makes a game, and the game makes a community. The two are intertwined, without one, there will not be the other.

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