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I'm thinking about using XML for objects description in Lixoo.

For example:


<room "Test Room">
  <image "test_back.png" type="background" />
  <image file="test_z.png" type="z-plane" />
  <script file="test_room.lua" />
  <object name="Lamp">
     <image file="lamp.png" />
     <position x="250" y="100" />
  ... (more stuff) ...


could be a definition of a room. I like XML because it's a well-defined, open standard. What do you think about using it?


I currently know two XML parsers: expat and libxml (from Gnome). libxml is too much bigger for Lixoo, expat could do the job. Does anyone know any other small XML parsers? Any other option for object descriptions? I know rooms and objects could be created in a programmatic way using scripts, but I want the two methods to be available in Lixoo. Suggestions are welcome.


Thanks in advance.

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