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Hellbeards 3D Pong Challenge 2

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Okay, I'm starting a New 3D pong Tourniment due to the Fact that I beat LucasTone's score by 1 point! In order to win this tourniment you must get a score over 471 points!


If you win, I will give you a prize much better than the last one!


Here is the adress for the game. The rules are pretty straight forword and you will get the hang of it after a few tries.


If by any chance you beat the High Score, post it so that we can compare!


Good Luck, and Have Fun!

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Originally posted by BooJaka15m

I have a question. You can serve it so that it goes off at an angle (by moving the mouse in that direction while you serve) by occasionally I do it and it just fires straight back at me. Why?

It just does, It's a glitch I guess!

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