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Han Solo model in progress

Major Clod

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I felt like making a new model for JK2, and I decided what better than to make a Han Solo model to go along with my Chewbacca model. He will come with both standard vest and shirt, as well with the ESB jacket. I'll also include a DL-44 model to replace the Bryar pistol.


Han Solo 1

Han Solo 2

Han Solo 3

Han Solo 4


As always, let me know what you think. I'll try and get him weighted to the skeleton tonight, so I can get you guys some more screens, hopefully ingame.

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You are too awesome!! I have some CC though. I think his eyes are too big. (noticed it especially in the 4th shot) try to slim thim down a little ( like he's squinting alittle more, it looks like he had about 5 cups of coffee in the 4th shot) and maybe have him with a more serious look on his face rather than the half smirk. all in all this is one of the greatest models I've seen


Please get him ingame soon, Im still crushed over the loss of the tusken raider :(


you know, I think you would be the first person to release a new weapon to JKII unless VampireHunterD beats you with his ig-88 gun model.

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Right oh a VERY good likeness there. but I think the skin needs work overall. The face skin itself needs some more refinement... sharpen it up and also I would add in some different hues... for shadows you want light blues and then for places like cheeks reds... this can be done with a simple softlight overlay and will get rid of the dark horible bits on the shadows on the face.


The clothes need to be sorted as well... they don't have a feeling of cloth... just a texture on top. You need to add in some definate creases and shadows where shadows would be. Also the leather parts need brighter higlights to make em more... um... leather like.


But really that is an AMAZING likeness just needs an injection of realisem. great work.



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ok so to ilustrate my point i have done a little paint over (hope you don't mind) basically adding in some sharper highlights and shadows (with a one pixel airbrush) making the eyebrows more defined and then adding in the lightblues and reds on a softlight layer. Oh yeah and also adding in shadow on the eyes giving them more depth. I think my little changes make him look much more realistic. But I have to say your skin is a very acurate skin indeed!






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ok I'm stunned! u r amazing! he looks just like han solo! and all was painted! thats amazing! pls teach me how to make skins that look so much like the charaters! I find it hard to paint on a stretched out face map and at the same time visualize what it would look like once its wrapped back on the model

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Arco: I've taken into account your comments and worked on his face some more. Although it is still not complete, and neither are the other skins, I think it does look better. However, with the eyes, I do not know how well I will be able to shade them, considering they will be movable. The shading will move when the eye moves, which might not look so good. Skinning is probably my biggest weakness out of modelling, skinning and animating models, so its always good to get tips like that to help improve my work.


§ith Lord: I've changed the eyes, and the mouth was only moved for the fourth shot. At the moment his normal expression is what you see on the shot in this post. The Tusken Raider will be released, I didn't do all that work for nothing. :)


duncan_2001: Unfortunately I cannot give Jar Jar lipsync, as his facial features are in completely different places to the bones that are given for the facial animations. I could possibly try to move the bones, but I don't know how well the animations would work if I did that.


Han Solo 5

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Excellent looking likeness. Major Clod, your models are wonderful.

That you are going to do the Blastech Pistol model is even Greater news!! (I still cannot believe that has not been doen yet!)

Thank you so much once again!! :D




May the force be with you.

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