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Bespin Carbon Freeze???


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Is anybody going to make a complete map of the duel areas from the ESB? I know there is a FFA map of this but it was never finished and bots don't work on it. I'd really love to see this one done, with the entire freezing chamber as well as its adjacent rooms and the big 'ole pit. I try to play the LivingJedi's map from time to time but jumping bots annoy me. :)


It's a shame that no one has decided to make a completed version of this map since imo it had the greatest duel sequence in SW, possibly apart from Episode 1's DotF.


I apologize if this is supposed to go on some request thread but I didn't see any for maps.

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yep dont worry guys im on the way to making the update


ive started from scratch so will take time


but ive made the pit so far and its HUUUUUGE =]]]

20 seconds to fall to bottom =]

and ive made the tube so if your in the right place you get drawn in, and you wont believe how fast your falling until you go down the tube =]


i tried jetpack on map and took 2 or minutes to get back up to the gantry LOL :D

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