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All Clans: Want Your Site To Win An Award?

DiRtY $oUtH™

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How about...

'Most creative use of a DFA'

'Kick spammer of the year'

'Best use of Emotes'

'Noobacious n00by Award'

and a completely non-JK2 one, but yet lying in the outer rim of SW and insanity:

'Yoda's swinging hip-hop dancing squirrels award for excellency and clean teeth'

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Well DY, there ain't no sign-up form :-(

Page cannot be found, it says...


Anywayz, it says on your site that there also is a list of previous winners. I don't see that list and i thought we were a winner last time :'(

Of course we would like to compete to hold maintain our first spot ;) Since i can't sing up through SoY buddy, i just leva ethe link here again k?:D




**looks drewling to our award** It's mine...my precious...!!!!

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