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K-Jo'Round 2

Darth Eggplant

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^ Earning me 10 bucks a gram and allowing me to reach up and kiss the stars, that's what they're doing to me.


< I still wish the world would end. I had a dream about it last night in fact. I don't remember much, but I do know marshmallows were involved.


V I don't know you, I've never met you, but could you give me 10k in gold bullion? I promise to give it back. Please...?

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^ yes I have found a way

to pay no taxes,

just don't make any money.


< in 45 minutes time

Enterprise is on TV

and then I will watch BladeRunner,

because saturday night

I am going to see A.I

and I wishh to assess similarities.


V down? does that mean your from

down under? most likely forum is

crawling with marsupials it seems.


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^is playing the game right


< If I lived in the UK, I just might be the coolest, unfortunately, I was raised in an area run by mormans and stupid people(not that they are the same:), will move out soon though.....


V is probably going to comment against my prejudice remark on the Mormans

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^ you are the Coolest person

raised by stupid Mormons,

not that being stupid

or being Mormon

have anything in common

but it helps:D


< weird is a weird does

so da Welshwoman better

get busy, showing us all

how higgy jiggy

she can get with it.

*but Gendo is the Great one.*


V wonders when Lucas forums will

realign themselves, because they

are not going to get credited for

this post forthcoming as being

the last post posted.

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^(one-eyed) flying purple people eater? Is that why you choose to intimidate people with bold purple letters?


< Is NOT on drugs. Why can't a guy just listen to Residents and like the movie Waking Life?


V Doesn't know either what the movie Waking Life is or who the band Residents is. And (s)he'll think i'm on drugs, too.

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^ the Residents did the music

for the Inscape game called

"Bad Day at the Midway"

and until you have heard

"Lottie the Human Log"

you ain't heard nothing yet.


< likes purple letters

they compliment my avitar nicely.

and makes for a quick and immediate

post recognition of my ruminations.


(plus they seem to tick you off.

JofaGuht, go join Metallus in his


depreciation society.)


V almost willing to bet

even money that Gendo posts next.

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