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OWNAGE . . "I OWN YOU" . . when did . . .


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Originally posted by Homosexual Ewok

I don't know why but every time I bear witness to "1337" speak; I get the feeling the person doing it has a lot in common with these guys...





*LOL* That is priceless!!! Thanks Ewok, I am totally having a bad day and I come and read this and now I am rolling... :rofl:


Oh yea, Jah...Bling Bling



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I thought the whole "73371zm" all started with BBS's (before the WWW went public) and was just a way for people to pass off "questionable" programs (ie: pirated software, "hacking" devices, etc) without admins noticing. So they would put up the files under their own names, so that only their club or group of people would know what to search for.


Ie: call it "warez" instead of "copied games" or something like that, and then only your group knows about it.


And then eventually the whole thing just became a way to try to "identify" with the "hacker culture" (whatever that is), such as in the fad movie "Hackers" and now on the internet.


Most of the time nowadays, I never see people use it in any seriousness, just as a joke, to poke fun at people that they think are full of themselves or computer "newbies" that have big egos.

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