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How to make a jk2 movie


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There have been a lot of people asking how to create a movie from jk2 so I thought I'd give a little tutorial on it.


first of all, you need a demo to make the movie from. get into a jk2 game, open console and type these commands:


/g_synchronousclients 1


/g_synchronousclients 0


this will begin recording. once you're done playing and want it to stop recording type:


/stop record


ok now you have your demo, it's time to export the frames of it to the base/screenshots folder. go to the starting screen of jk2, open console and type:


/cl_avidemo 20


The number after the command is the frame rate (fps) that you want your demo to be. 20 is just my preference, the higher the number you choose, the smoother your video will be, but also you will have more frames to deal with and it will take up more hard drive space.


once this command is in, go ahead and play your demo (under play section, then play demo) this will cause your system to play the demo really really choppy and slow as it is making it into .jpg files. I'd recommend reducing your resolution to 800x600 if you have it higher to help speed up the process. also, if you have screenshots from playing games that you want to keep, I'd recommend moving them before doing this as they can get lost in the horde of frames you're about to create.


alright, so your demo is done playing, exit jk2 and go to gamedata/base/screenshots folder. here you'll see all the frames you just created in .jpg format. the problem is, the program I use doesn't take .jpg, it needs .bmp files, so we'll need to convert these screens to bmp. you can find a trial version of the program I used (ACDSee) here:




alright, you just converted all your .jpg files into .bmp files, it's time to create your video. the program I used to do this is called pjbmp2avi, thing is, their website seems to be down right now. I found an alternate site to download it at which is here:

(updated link, thx to Tosh_UK)




[update] if you don't want to go to the trouble of converting all your screens to bmp theres a program called video mach that can create avi's straight from jpg frames. An evaluation copy of Videomach can be found at:

(new link, thanks to Jeff 42)



to use this program, first select where you have all your screenshots next to where it says directory. next, if you want to add music to the video, choose a .wav file next to where it says, yes, wav file. change the frame rate setting to the same number you set after /cl_avidemo. Also, be sure to set the name you want your video to be under next to avi file, also select the directory to save it to with the 3 dots to the right of the box. next hit create (theres a problem with this program where it'll say files not found or something instead of clicking on create when your settings are done, click on the box where you have selected the directory to use and hit enter, this makes it work for some reason)


alright, now you see a screen that says video compression. this can help you video by reducing it's size to make it easier to circulate and play. If you don't have divx codec, I'd recommend using it, it's worked really well for me, you can find that at http://www.divx.com by downloading it from here:




choose the one on the far left


alright so you're at the compression screen, choose divx 5.02 codec as your compression and hit configure. the only setting you should worry about right now is the encoding bitrate. the higher you set it, the better quality of video, but also the larger your .avi file will be. try to find a balance that suits you. alright, you set the bitrate, hit ok, then hit ok on compression window. you'll see in the window your movie as it's being created. once it's done, go to the directory you chose to create it in and you have a nice little .avi file that is now your jk2 movie.


I hope this helps you folks that have been asking me about the video. If you have any questions or comments let me know and I'll try and help out.


Good luck

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that command 'wait' represents is having a script pause for one game tick of time. Usefull if you want a time gap between commands. You're probly refering to the fast forward script I use in video making which lets you use higher cl_avidemo numbers without hitting the screenshot limit. An example would be:


demo <demo name>;timescale 100;wait 40;timescale 1;cl_avidemo 60


If you tweak the amount of waits you can fast forward a certain amount into the demo and then have it start recording later. Anyway, hope this helps. I'm gonna try to edit the first post here to include everything in a guide shinyiu and I wrote about video making.

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unt0uchabl3, are you refering to the pjBmp2Avi program TK mentions above?


It's kinda buggy, click in the top field that shows the directory where the .bmp files are stored. Once the cursor is flashing, hit enter. Then it's down hill from there. When your done if you can't find the avi look in the original bmp source folder.

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There is a neat little program called Videomach which you can use to go from .jpg to .avi...you won't need to convert all the images to .bmp format.


Get it here.


It's a 30 day evaluation copy, but if you want the full version you can always try Kazaa ;)


There is also a demo recording script which you can get here.

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well that's not really the problem, it's not about hard drive space... The problem is when you get to the screenshot limit of 10000. Folders won't allow you to have that many files in one folder. So if you use cl_avidemo 50 you'd only be able to do about.... (does math) 2:20 worth of a demo before running outta room.

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