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Open Challenge thread


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Every other forum had a sticky thread, so I said to myself: "Let's make a Vs. Thread!"



Well, here, different clans can set up appointments to fight each other, like set up a server and time, etc.



well, let the games begin! :cool:

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.......you'll receive a copy of the fight in your e-mail for free!

You could put it up anywhere you like for others to download and watch! It's a good way to share the goodness!"


This commercial was sponsored by Topshot and co.



(audience is clueless)



audience: "I have no clue as to what this guy is talking about!"

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Originally posted by ZBomber

MMMM! Juicerific, craptastic, spamizic, fartollider.... uh... yeh.


Crimson Masters are accepting challenges. We are hoping to get a server so we can have a god game with your great clans. :)

heh. you do know that as allies im not just gonna sit hear and so.. ohhh yeah. there clan is going well!!!!




silly. :p


ill let you guys use it :)

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so... me and the leader of the tojo clan had a duel....




score one for MK.....except i don't really think he was trying.


have any of you met ruiner, he's a nice guy, asked me if i wanted to be on his high council. I think i was just haveing a really good day and he was haveing a really bad one AND it wasn't an "official" clan match. so i would like to challange ruiner to a REMATCH!!! if he even reads this forum, maybe ill just e-mail him or something...


ne way, this is just a brag.


visit my Clan Site



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