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What's your fav cutscene from GF?


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Muchos Nachos!

to Sanspoof and Tall Guy.

I am officially almost

now finished year one.

man I am crazy.

I most likely have

a thousand screen shots

from this year alone.

I am not going to use them

all at my site, but I am going

to compile disc's from each year

with oddles of GF doodles.


I did like the Sprouting

I also really liked Don Copal

going postal inside his office

at Manny, and Manny's looks of Pathos.

it is just excellent how Lucasarts

put so much into the game.

I hope mentioning these things

do not spoil too many newbies

enjoyment of the game.


also I need one screen shot

from year one if you have alot

PM me I do not want to give away

the shot because it is plot related.



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Someone didn't take his Happy pills this morning. And when was your last Negativity innoculation? And your Optimism booster shots? Good god man, you're a wreck. Take these two positive re-enforcers and call me in the morning.


"You are a good person!"


"Very good, that's your best effort yet!"

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I'm gonna be weird and say the cutscene where

Manny uses the scythe to cut the flowers from Salvador's body. It just gives me goosebumps.

And the final one. It is so... romantic and funny at the same time. And Lola, it is so sad. :( Híjole mano, I love this game, it is really among the best games I have played.

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