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Be Kind To Mods Week

Darth Groovy

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Originally posted by Darth Groovy

After some of the spewage I have read this morning, anything is tame by standards. You don't catch whitedragon posting with the sole intention to insult someone on every thread for no reason.

uhhh have i insulted anyone

im sorry if i did i just trying to be my stupid self

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Originally posted by kstar__2


i just don't know what's with people that come to a forums, and start posting flame, there's no fun in that, is it?


It's an illness. It's called the "Attention Whore" syndrome. The only way to cure it is to quarantine through solitary confinement.

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hehe, mesa likes this idea:)


now since we are being nice to MODS, that means you all must work extra hard to piss off the supermods and the admins.:D j/k j/k


I want to propose another new rule(well 2 really)


1: to implement be nice to mods week, anyone pissing the mods off will be temp banned til the 5th when its back to normal...


2: on any mods/super mod/admins birthday, they get a stick. a yoinking stick of unheard of size. any damage would be reversed at the end of the day of course:)


I expect both to be shot down, (well maybe not #1;)) but whatever:)


btw, someone asked who is incharge... you got the admin/supermod list, and reg mods are listed at the top of each forum.


btwbtw, incase anyone tells you otherwise, I(ME) run the swamp, not obi!!!:D

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