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Be Kind To Mods Week

Darth Groovy

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Originally posted by Darth Groovy

Ok let me rephrase, will you please stick this topic until Saturday?


BTW, I want one of those yoinking sticks !


make ya a deal.


extend this "be nice to mods" bit til the 18th and you got a deal on that yoinking stick.



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To all interested who didn't know:


Stormy's okay, but not as good as he was. I spoke to him on ICQ today, and he said he's going to be popping in a little less infrequently (or words to that effect :p). He didn't want a "Stormy's back!!!" thread, cos it seems to bring bad luck to his health, but I couldn't leave you all in the dark about it, so I thought I'd hijack this one instead :D

Posted by AB_Legion

I miss Storm ;(

Not as much as I do :p:D

Posted by OnlyOneCanoli

But where, oh where, is Stormhammer? :(

Recuperating, and dropping in from time to time... He's not left us just yet :)


I wish all the ones that were oldbies when I got here were still around... They were fun... It was a proper community then, with less pointless threads... Not a mass of people who hardly ever see each others' posts, let alone get to know them... But such is the way of things after a point is reached, I suppose... :(


And what happened to digl??!?!!! :( :(

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re: digl.


as far as i know, he's not dead.


I only know what I have heard second hand mind you, but it seems to me its one of two things.


one: his ISP fliped out and cut service.


two: he was going to a school w/o internet access.


but dont take my word for it;) I might have made those up just now.


I will go look for postings from the digl man now.....:cool:

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