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Genosian Death Arena WIP


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Hey guys,


heres a shot of my Genosian death arena this is loosely but closely based on the EP2 arena, the black lines around some of the rock textures I cant get rid of (i dont know how/ looks OK up close.) Anyway its my first attempt at a map so go easy - Its very huge too kyle looks big but when im on the floor looks a bit Overwhelming Pulle dit off using Easygen. anyway take a peek texturing is a Bitch :D It will be scripted with jedi droids troopers fighting at once and youll probably be either Obi or Anakin. Runs smoothly on my system :D



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Hey heres another update...




Im about 60% done with texturing this thing, Im havind someone script it out so it'll be a cool map...the droids will enter through arena doors yo'll be Obi. Padme and anakin will be beside u and u will be surrounded by droids then enter mace windu who jumps off the dooku arena box and on to the floor this is where battle begins after a while jango will appear vs mace then as ur jedi begin to die yoda pops in with the clonetropers (sadly not on clone drop ship) but through the doors with alot of troopers. Note this is meant to run smoothly on higher quality machines, but since its scripted after u kills oomany droids more will pawn etc so it isnt like there are hundreds of droids at once. To win the game u must destroy all droids, keep the remaining jedi alive and attempot to reach dookus skybox where you'll face off with someone (not dooku)


Thats the plan so far i hope to be done in a couple of weeks..so stay tuned i guess. :D

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Hi, well I know its blocky cause when i tried making it smooth it looked good but it had like 100,000 polys or something i reduced that ALOT about 7,000...My pc runs and loads it pretty fast, Im doing everything i can to use wqhat is needed...i wont be texturing the outside of the arena and am making sure the droids dont all load at once. I know i cant get it perfect but I just had to try and to me jsut being kyle and walking around it looks great (to me of course) anyway when i release it give it a try :)


I have a


1.7 ghz

256 ram

pentium 4


runs very smooth smoother than the first level of JK2...

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push whore! ;)


comments: use vertex lighted shaders, they will blend in easier and you won't have blocky shadows on your hills. don't use textures that look bad being repeated. try to make some decently big textures so that they look more realistic when scaled out.

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Heres alittle teaser..Im trying to make some better textures..more redder in color...Ultimate Zeus will be scripting this. Its framerate on arena floor is at 6,000 and at the top part of arena is 11,000 not bad considering size of map. I also wont be putting in 400 droids at a time. Zeus will be scripting it so they will load once one batch is destroyed etc. Jedi will be replaced by a clone dropship.



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Hey heres an update on the clone drop ship. I tried to get textures as close as possible. But I probably wont get em exact. anywya i think it looks Ok...


This is not an in game shot regardless what it says lol




Here is a 5 view shot of the clone LAAT.







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Hey I need your guy's help. I am lookign for a very good mace windu model. If anyone can poitn me to it I would greatly appreciate it. I am happy to say Ive been able to reduce brush and map size but still maintain its origional look :D


It has been sent to scripter who will be scripting it DUH..Ill keep u guys posted. Thanks :D

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sorry that I haven't posted yet. I have rebuilt the map from scratch - allowing for faster gameplay (I've managed to get it to 1/10 of it's original brush size, still looking almost exactly the same). As soon as I have managed to get ShadyZ's cloneship ingame, I'll create a teaser demo for everyone to see.


I have added some breakable rocks to the arena to make up for the flat terrain. Better lighting has been implemented as well.


I'll put up some screens after getting the teaser going.


Watch this space :)



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