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Hopefully this will be stickied...


This is where you can post your character's for future reference.

I'll post mine-


Tyrion Strife


A young man,not knowing who he truely is. He was self raised. He doesnt have connections to the force,but he has access to some strange spiritual magic,called Mana. With mana,he can have a better fighting style than someone using the force. He can also summon creatures of fantasies, and can create bursts of elemental powers. He still has alot to learn though,as he is only 13.




Mana Blade(A.K.A. Mana Sword)- Made of mithril and combined with mana,this weapon can tear through flesh like butter. Not rivaling lightsabers though,but it is truely a fearsom weapon.


Large shield pack


Stahm- A ancient armor,forged by the Massani. It can deflect solid attacks fairly easily,and blaster shots are reflected off of it.












Jump= force jump 2

summon chocobo


Picture of Tyrion Strife






Edit-drag the link to the address bar.


oops..he does look kinda big for a 13 year old..:D

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GreenPanther- A strange fellow, not much is known about this one. He seems to look like a blue jawa..... and enjoys unknown substances smelt from a mile away....No one knows what they are or look like but he seems to act weird near them.





A blue lightsaber and a handy dandy ewok


Special Abilities-

Dumbfound enemies

summon ewok



A blue jawa robe....

:)My longest post ever...

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obi-wan13 -


Birthdate unknown, but very old. With the age, came wisdom. Founder of the academy. Powers are Directly force-linked (like a very powerful jedi master).





Light Blue Lightsaber


special abilities-


Can do just about anything the force can let someone do.


Clothing(your gonna love this one)-


Old Grey cloth, very baggy.

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A shady character made out of steel and very strong

About 17 years old, was brought up in the jungle as it was of unknown origin which he came from, some say he came from space some say he was born form the land.




The Spoon



Whip (indina jones style)

Backup slit knife

A Duck




The spoon- heals, forsees the future, sheilds, Takes over minds, can cause total universe destruction, paralyzes everything in 100,000,000 miles radius. I'm sure you all know the rest. :)

10 metres of rope

A duck


Special Abilities:


over sensitive Instincts and senses

Mastered the spoon

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Scar, that may be a godmode character, but he isn't actually godmoding with it ;)




A mysterious figure shrouded in a cloak and encased in brilliant red armor, broken only by bright emerald eyes. He, she, or it speaks in a modulated voice to disguise his/her true identity. Everything else about Redwing is unknown...

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Name: Mahrrok


A male Ithorian theif, and a good one too. Very stealthy even though he is not exactly small. Has a tatooed face, which is uncommon for Ithorians, which shows he is a renegade and has been exiled from Ithor. Not much is known about him or his banishment, as no one even thinks about getting near him. He hangs out in dirty low-level areas on the planets he visits for misc. jobs. He has been hired by many beings, including Jabba the Hutt.







Hold-out blaster (2)





Stealthy-able to walk around dim areas unnoticed

Good thief


Knows a lot of botany from his life on Ithor before banishment





Don't have a picture yet

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Matt Windu(no relation)


Bothan Spy/Slicer




abilities: stealth, lock-picking, intelligence, able to call in limited reinforcements, disguise, deception, 'leet haxor skillz', advanced arms training, some piloting skills, etc :)


Rebel allied.

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GonkH8er ('Gonk')




Ex-bounty Hunter


Owner of the rusty old ship, the 'Owknet'



Carries 5 diamond bladed daggers

Highly modified blaster

Belt of thermal grenades

Arsenal of weapons inside ship.





Completely force illiterate :)

Deadly accurate

Ill tempered





Willing to blow anything up.



Hates power droids a passion, yet is commonly called "Gonk", ironically enough

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Name: Minion


Race: Wookie


Story: As an infant, Minion was stolen from his family and town by slavers before he could be given a name. When the slavers chose to sell him at auction, a passing Dark Jedi Adept recognized his force potential and snatched him up. Delivered to an uncharted planet in the wildlands, a dark Jedi master raised Minion in the ways of the Dark Side. Augmented by both the force and cybernetic implants and trained in the use of both the lightsabre and most manners of weapons, Minion served as his masters personal bodyguard before he grew weary of a life of servitude. He cut down his master, destroyed his palace, and set out among the stars on a stolen Skipray Blastboat.


Size: 7'2


Weight: 450 lbs


Black Fur



- Heavy Blaster Rifle, modified

- Disruptor pistol hidden under fur.

- Modified Lightsabre. In accord of his size, the sabre hilt itself is larger and the blade wider and longer than normal.

-Thermal Detonators

- A droid brain hangs at hip and translates his speech into a deep, metallic voice.

Misc. Info:

Minion has several cybernetic augmentations. They are as follows...

- His entire left arm, lost in a "lesson" taught to him at an early age, has been replaced by a mechanical prosthetic. This arm is approximatley twice as strong as the right arm, and has a mirrorized palm, allowing Minion to deflect blast bolts with his bare hand. His right hand has the same plate in the palm. This has saved Minion from many a surprise attack, when a lightsabre was not in reach.


- His right eye has been replaced with a mechanical eye, with a direct input into his brain. This allows Minion to see in virtually the entire light spectrum, as well as into fractal space (a dark force augmentation). The eye glows a soft red.


- Due to various chemical experiments at an early age, Minion has strength many times that of a normal wookie. This, combined with Dark Side and cybernetic augmentation, make Minion a titan when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He made a name for himself in the Outer Rim as a gladiator battling wild rancors with just a vibroaxe.



Average force powers: Grip, push/pull, jump (cannot jump as high as some, due to his enormous weight). Level 1 lightning.

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Name:Tray Dav LO(Code name:TheWhiteRaider)

Age:16(Or so he claims)

Strong points: His blade, speed, and his accurasy.

Weakness: Only time will tell



A strange man. Young and fast with a blade. Many shadows lie around this man..... What hides in his past.... Why does he wonder around. He strikes fast, but not very hard. With his speed he is a affective sniper. His right eye is equiped with a red machine of some sort. He will not tell what this object does. He makes enemys fast and will not tolerate ignorance. He anwsers in riddles ofter.

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Name: Darth Groovy


Race: Zabrak


Occupation: Arts and music instructor at LucasForums Jedi Academy




Darth Groovy was the outcast of a botched expirement performed by scientists contracted by the evil Darth Sideous, to create a clone army of Sith Warriors from the tissues donated by his former apprentice, Darth Maul. He has no memory of his birth or where he came from. Groovy's pod crash landed on forest planet of Oriden, homeplace of the LucasForums Jedi Academy. Darth Groovy, wandered into the Academy and was attacked by Obi-Wan 13 who had mistaken him for the legendary Darth Maul. To his surprise Groovy tossed his saber and surrendered to Obi-Wan who nearly beheaded him. Obi-Wan13 developed a new found respect for the mysterious zabrak and allowed him to join the Academy. Groovy slowly ascended the ranks through many battles with the evil Sith Academy(see Academy Wars), and currently remains a teacher of arts and music at the Academy. Although Groovy never takes it seriously, and has no memory of any prior training, his skills with the ancient double bladed lightsaber are matched only by whitedragon who is the current saber trainer at LFJA. Darth Groovy is also very agile, acrobatic and skilled in universal martial arts.

Unlike Darth Maul, Groovy is more outspoken, whitty, full of dry humor and popular with most of the younger students. Darth Groovy has a sincere interest in the liberal arts which over some time has become somewhat of a joke among teachers. Although Darth Groovy dresses in the traditional black robes of the Sith and posseses many Sith powers, Groovy has sworn his life to the protection and future of the LucasForums Jedi Academy.





This double bladed saber is sometimes used as a single saber with only one end ignited, giving the illusion of a menacing long hilt, which often strikes fear into his enemies.



Smoke Spheres

These spheres he carries in a pouch within his tunic. As discovered by many galactic magicians, when these spheres are hurled to the ground and broken, certian gases escape which when mixed with oxygen creates the illusion of smoke or ghosts. These often come in handy in his no escape situations. A vapor of distracting smoke can often give him just enough time to get away quickly.

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Name: Stryder


Race: Human


Some say if he would have been trained early he could have been a jedi, has one of the quickest reflexes of any non-jedi. Is currently builing a proto-type gun, when he finishes it will be one of the most powerfulest in the universe.


Weapons: Only uses the gun he makes him self, he can not trust for his weapons to be any less then perfect. Currently uses a weapon he has not named yet(i just can't think of anme right now), it resembles a moden time assult rifle but with much more accuracy and power. He has developed hsi own type of lasers, he calls them photon-lasers. They are much more powerful and have more pierce effect.


Armor: Heavy armor that can with stand many direct laser hits. It is all black but can be put in to "camo-mode" to blend in with surroundings. He is currentey trying to develop an armor that will with stand the most powerful weapon, a lightsaber, but it seems impossible.


Skills: Is very intelligent and can build many things. Has good battling stratiges and tactics. With his sqaud of elite soldiers and their high-tech weapons and armors, even the sith do not take them for granted.


Past: Was once an assasin, killed people just for the fun. It finally got to him and he stopped. He then joined the academy to try to reddem him self. He has noew used his great intelligence and skills to good use for the Academy.


(if you think of a good name i could call my weapon thingy, just pm or what ever, i would greatly appreciate it)


edit: if you want i can like compile all of these or soemthing, if you want me to tell me if so i can start now and not when there is like 500 of them

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Originally posted by Agen_Terminator

Isn't a godmode character- it's the spoon which i have, you must have totally missed out on the spoon for some reason :confused: :confused:

and anyway most people seem to figure out a way of knocking the spoon out of my hand :rolleyes:


All my plans require to be within 100,000,000 miles of you to work:p

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Name: ASk


Race: outcast Wookie


Story: Even though he has a dark past that nobody knows of, he became known when he brute-forced his way into the ranks of the Dark Sided sith. While having no ability with the actual force, his supreme handling of the rare Brute Force powers make him a worthy opponent


Weapons: Brute Force and more Brute Force


Skills: m4d k0d3r - ability to confuse the opponent to death by his "1337" k0d1ng skills.

Brute Force - able to break through any protection, when given sufficient time to do so (complex protections can take a few weeks to break through)

Hug - Don't you all like when a Wookie hugs you? Don't you like to listen to your own bones crushing?

There is no Spoon: A recently mastered and very potent skill. When used, all spoons in the nearest (about 2-3 lightyears) vicinity are destroyed. (Please file all complaints for destroyed objects at the Wookies Ltd. star postage address)

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NAME: Nevar


AGE: 14


RACE: Human


SEX: Often (*snort*) Male


OTHER CRAP: Has basic understanding of the force...more specifically, the dark side. Is an Apprentice looking for Master or Sith Lord to be trained by. Now does this sound like a classified ad or what?

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Name: Irvine Cracken sry too meny odd-balled characters i just had to add him ^_^

(this is the one after c7, but just a copy of IRvine, cus othen then his bio, his true identify wont be revealed cus this one wont link with the others AND it will not affect any other threads, so the one i'm attempting to start wont have any thing to do this one, nor vise versa.

i only added him cus this ones just more cooler and theres still jedi in this time (so irvine can interact wiht other jedi :p))


Bio: http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=74380 just read my early posts in that thread ^_^



Duel Blue LightSabers, which was forged my his Father and prefect doublicates only but of what color crystal is used.

Skill with weapon: scary with one, insane with both, worthy enough with any lightsaber duel


Force abilities: due to Irvine self training himself and sharing hi abilities with others whom self trained, Irvine has different abilties then what is triditionaly trained

Force Strength: level 3: Irvine's key techinque

^ Irvine has created all three levels of this ability, what this does is enhance the phsyical strength of the one who uses it

Force speed: Level 2

^ enhances the rate with the mind and body move and think

Force phych: level 2

^ telepathic abilities: includes force throw, push, grab and grip

3 form: level 1

^ Irvine learned this through a another person who self trained. This ability transforms the person into three forms: a form thats a complete opposite (where the person natually stands on either is he good or bad, is mirrored (meaning if he's good he's bad, but only depending how good or bad he is), a form which is a completely Light version (completely good uses the triditional light powers all the way), and its counter part one thats completely dark (just the opposite of the light version). Each form having 1/3 of the total power that of the original had

^ due to the low level Irvine can only do it for a short time, but Irvine never uses it

Holy Judgement:

^ co-created with the rest of the self-teached, this ability uses up 80% of the caster's life energy and force powers for the time being (so one shot is all you have, before you pass out), the energy goes into created a ball of energy, and stops the one being casted at (cant move). what happeneds is that the caster calls upon the dead jedi to pass judgement on the casted. If he's worthy, he lives unharmed, if is not worthy, he dies instantly. Irvine never had the need to do this...

Standing on dark/light allience:

  Light Dark


btw: this just a character bank where nothng happens, and people's bio's are added, if im correct ^_^

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Originally posted by Nevar

NAME: Nevar


AGE: 14


RACE: Human


SEX: Often (*snort*) Male


OTHER CRAP: Has basic understanding of the force...more specifically, the dark side. Is an Apprentice looking for Master or Sith Lord to be trained by. Now does this sound like a classified ad or what?


beh, Romulans....



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