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Name: Jokemaster


Affilation: Neutral


Occupation: Smuggler,Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Former Soldier


Age:ages between 14-70 in rpgs


Weapons: blaster,a really cool sword, anything with a trigger, moltov cucktails and thermal detonators


Skills: Marksmanship,Piloting,Spying (SP?)


contacts: Talon Karrde, Mara Jade,Lando Calrissian,Obi-Wan 13(last one is an acquantance


Resides near Jedi Academy, is force sensitive but doesnt know it.

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Name : Trebor Starblazer.


Aliases : Reb Starblazer, Treb Starblazer, Raine Sunscorcher, Darth Malice.


Species : Half Human, half Zabrak.


Age : Exact age is unknown, even to himself. Best estimate is roughly 20 standard years of age. Due to the circumstances of his life, he often acts much older and wiser than he is.


Weapons : Has a Double-Bladed Lightsabre, with one green blade and one blue blade. It's actually two Lightsabres that are able to be connected together, or disconnect and used separately. Has a third "backup" Lightsabre, with an orange-red blade. Now has come into posession of an ancient weapon, an extendable pole made of Mandalorian Iron, meaning that it cannot be cut by Lightsabres and is able to deflect blaster bolts.


Appearance : 1.7 meters(5 feet, 8 inches) tall, medium build. Forest green eyes, brownish-blond hair, with chin length bangs, but the rest is slightly shorter. Skin tone is a little lighter than an olive one, with five horns on his forehead in a triangular arrangement(Look at Eeth Koth's forehead for an example). Hair is generally in front of his face, to conceal his horns, but is sometimes worn in a pony-tail. Generally dresses in a dark kimono style garb, with a dark cloak. Also, unlike others of the Zabrak species, Reb has no facial tatoos.



Born to a Human father and a Zabrak mother, he is an outcast of both species. He is, as he describes himself "A freak. A freak of nature. A chemical, physical, and genetic impossibilty, yet... here I am..." He believes that due to his unstable genetic structure his midi-chlorien's are defective, only allowing him to connect with the Dark side of the Force. His parents realized he was Force Sensitive, but this was a time when when being so meant you were marked for death, and they saw that he wasn't trained. However, when Reb was still a child, their ship was attacked, and crashed. He was unfortunately, the only survivor. He quickly learned to fend for himself, and how to hunt. While hunting one day, he discovered an ancient Sith temple, and upon entering, found a holo-cron. It activated when he came near it due to his Force sensitivity. And thus, his training began, and Darth Malice was born.


Years afterwords, he was "rescued" from the planet by a Catharian Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Talon, who took him as his apprentice. Time passed, and while on a mission for his master, he was sent to assassinate a world leader. He infiltrated the leaders home, and was about to kill her, when the woman's young daughter entered the room. Something awoke in Reb and he could not bring himself to kill them. He spared the woman's life and told her to take her family and leave. Darth Malice then encountered Kylaa Sentura, a female Twi'lek, trained at Obi-wan13's Jedi Academy, sent to protect the leader. He defeated her in Lightsabre combat, but could not bring himself to destroy her, as he was enchanted by her beauty. He had never met a Jedi before, only heard stories of them from the Holocron and his master. Not knowing exactly what to do with her, he took her captive and began his return to his master. On the journey Kylaa tried to reason with Reb after he told her that he didn't kill the senator. She said that proved that there was still hope for him, but he blocked out what she was saying the best she could. When they returned to Talon's ship, Talon ordered Reb to be arrested and "Re-educated" and Kylaa to be executed. Reb and Kylaa escaped, and journeyed to Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy, where Reb agreed to aid them.


Eventually, Darth Talon's forces were defeated, and Talon died by Reb's hand. But because of his past, Reb was bitter, and grew to hate all that was evil and all who served it, including himself. He went to Obi-wan for help, to learn to control his abilities, but found no peace at the Academy. He stopped using the Force completely, afraid of what might happen should he give himself to it again. Eventually, the "Academy Wars" began, and Reb once again found himself having to use the Dark side to protect his newfound family. After the first battle of the war, he joined the Sith ranks, hoping to destroy them from within. A year later, his chance came. When the Sith attacked the Jedi at the planet Thedonias. Reb Starblazer sabotaged the Super Star Destroyer "FleshRender" in an attempt to kill all of the Sith, including himself. His attempt failed, and the Sith escaped alive, but it proved to be a turning point in the war, at the cost of Reb's life. Reb Starblazer is considered killed in action at this point in time.


Reb is a Sith in name only, as he longs to be a Jedi if it was possible, although it's unknown if Reb could actually give up the power of the Dark side if he was ever faced with that choice. Reb chose to side with the Jedi because he truly believes in their cause and wishes to see the end of conflict in the Galaxy. Due to his dark side nature and tendancies however, he is not afraid to use more aggresive and forceful means than the Jedi in order to ensure peace and justice come about, often putting him at odds with some of the Jedi. Though his actions and methods are often questioned, his loyalty is not.


EDIT: Here's my half assed rendition of Reb :DSmall


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Info: My Character Starts Off As A 8 Year Old Boy Then Ages To About 28


Name: Neo


Neo, Is The Child Of A Dark Magician Names Giltia. Born On The Planet Corellia, His Father Died In A War The Mother Of Neo Took Him To The Planet Of Lothlorien, Sadly His Mother Died By A Renegade Jedi. Since That Day Neo Has Been Working On His Mystic Powers He Inherited From His Father To Avenge His Parents Death.


Child Equipment:

- Dagger

- Stun Batton

- Pendant Of Life

- Mystic Amulet


Adult Equpment:

- Sword Of Light

- E-17 Rifle

- Pendent Of Eternity

- Mystic Amule

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In the event I am bored...................


Yago Goml, nicknamed Lightning Man by his reflexes, The Guardian for his best professsion.


Born with a natural strength of correct split second predictions, aiming skill, and his family's blade art, he was always overconfident and sure to get his job done. An excellent pilot, but a tendancy to go :"above the law" , he was kicked out of the New Republic Army for insubordination shortly after mastering his family's blade art. He severed all ties with his family after this, and now is a mercenary, best suited for body-guarding. One of his clients, an old Jedi-Master from the unknown regions, said he was to be force sensitive, but I disregarded as bull-hoppy sithspit.

Age: 26, wants to profit from both sides. Works cheap, 10 creds an hour, not counting hours off his job, be it assassination and such. Impatient, wants to get the job done quickly. Enjoys a challenge



Illegally modified Tenloss Rifle complied with a lightsaber on it's end. Nicknamed the Tenloss Blade.

Packs high powered explosives in a force-powered backpack given by the Jedi Master.


Armor: Simple light armor, light armor designed to block small shots.


Special Abilities:

Lightning fast reactions.

Ability to predict opponents in split-seconds.



I'm bored too often.:p

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born on the planet of naboo, with human parents nalya and kiro. at young age young pad found out he wasnt like the other kids. in stead of playing with wooden sticks or other toys he read books and practised in the art of meditating. when he was in his twenties he left his home to go to the city where he was noticed by a jedi. he became well trained and soon pad found out he was a master at swordfighting. also a bow, which isnt a normal jedi tool, became 1 of his well known fighting tools.


on a quest at coruscant he saved the life off a female senator. he got to know her and did something a jedi shouldnt do, he fell in love with her. so he kept the feelings to him to make sure the council didnt found out. but at 1 time she confessed her true feelings towards him and they were mutual.

pad left the council and married her. they now live in piece in a nice, cosy place on the planet of naboo.



a blue lightsaber

his brain (sometimes good to get him out off certain situations)

a bow



saber combat

shooting with a bow

anything force related

talking himself out off messy situations


although he lives in piece he practises his skills at a daily base.

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Heres mine:




Darth Maelstrom

Real Name-

Gorgan Floss



Red bladed lightsaber with blades on hilt

Silverish-white double-bladed lightsaber

Blaster Rifle

A few hidden in armor



Mandalorian super-commando armor w/o jet pack or helmet

ForceStone embedded in armor

Pitch-black cloak





Dark Rage

Mind Trick





Master with lightsabers

Sith Lord

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Name: Tidus Darklighter


Age (of character): 24


Occupation: LFJA Assistant Principal (Jedi Master)


Weapon: Orange lightsaber


Species: Human


Apprentice: Phantom Helix


Force: (all passive good side)








Mind Trick




Long black/brown hair, pure, attractive looking face (hey, it's my character lol), tall stature (5"11'), brown and beige coloured jedi garnments, tall black boots and a long brown hooded cloak.




Lived as a farmboy on one of the Academy's planet's neighbouring moons. Through an unfortunate smuggling deal, Darklighter's father was tricked and targeted for assassination. His mother and father were murdered by a bounty hunter, but through sheer will of the force Obi-wan13 managed to prevent Darklighter's own death. He was therefore taken into the Jedi Academy, and trained under the careful guidance of the Academy Principal for many a year. Here began his rivalry with Divine Spirit, a padawan who would ultimately form his own alleigance against the forces of good.

Darklighter's one love, Taliara, was murdered by the man who sent the bounty hunter to kill his parents. Through pure rage he tracked down the killer and fought and defeated him, before rejoining the Academy. He played a significant part in the Academy Wars, and fought valiantly against the forces of Divine Spirit. Admiral to the famous Death/Ice Squadron, he lead the fleet into battle, and rescued his friends from the clutches of evil.

A strong-minded, valiant, caring and trustworthy soul, Darklighter prides himself in helping others, even though his personal feelings are often a subject of distraction.

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Name: Strider Flamehart

Occupation: Mercenary

Age: 24 (Character age)

Height: 6'3"

Species: Human, seemingly part Demon, currently unknown


Weapon: Dark Blue Lightsaber, a rather large sword, and dual .45 calibur pistols.


Languages Understood/Writable: Trade Huttese, Jedi symbols, Aurek-besh/Aurabesh, Wookie, and many others.


Abilities: Impeccable Force abilities; Both Jedi and Sith powers, mastery of blindfolded and unarmed combat, incredible melee weapon skills, and supernatural demon-like power.


Bio: Was originally a very skilled Jedi Padawan that lived sometime before the time of the Old Republic. On one mission with his master, he discovered almost supernatural demon-like strength, something he tried to keep hidden from the masters at the Order. Eventually however, he left the Jedi under the conditions that he committed a severe crime to the Jedi Order. Strider was exiled. Later, he he turned and became a Sith. After serving them for a time, he left the Sith, slaying many who were at the temple he had stayed in. Some time after this, he found his way to the Sith Hunters, who accepted him. He supposedly disappeared, and was presumed dead. He fled to the Unknown Regions of Space, where none but Revan and one his disciples had been before, and returned to tell about it. He returned after a time, his supernatural abilities and curse keeping him at his same age. He found out many had thought him to be dead, and tried to re-establish connections with those who knew him.



Strider Flamehart



[Edit: Character has been edited - 10/15/05.]

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Name: Auron Topshot

Profession: Sith Warrior and Professional Mercenary


Age: At this time, we are unsure about his accurate age.

Species: Human



Preferred weapon(s): An enhanced lightsaber (found .here And a .55 Sniper Rifle with 12 rounds of blaster shells.


Languages known: Aqualish, Huttese, Human English, and Wookie.



Items: Stealth clothing, And an IMG Code Breaker device, able to break almost any code except bank codes.





Born on the planet of Tatooine, he was sold to Ka'pa the Hutt as a slave. Topshot had tried many times to escape from his court, but was captured by the bounty hunter, Boba Fett.



Ka'pa had threatened Topshot that if he had tried one last time to escape, he'd kill his friend ZBomber.


At that time, Topshot and ZBomber had not known they had the power of the Force.


One night, at the time the many moons of Yavin were full, they had escaped Ka'pa's wrath after he was killed by the two.


Now Topshot had a different goal than ZBomber. That goal was to obliterate the entire Hutt race.



The next few years, he had bought all the latest in advanced technology, all kinds of metals known to the galaxy, and had started constructing his awesome long blade.




The days after he'd created his weapon of choice, he traveled to the Ruins of the Jedi Temple, set up camp, and began training in the manipulative arts of chaos and teleportation.


Now these days, not even jedi, sith, mercenary, or Dark Jedi could match his speed and strength, even with the Force

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Tomar Dicol


Member of the Twin Sun Xj-Wing squadron of the Galactic Alliance.

Born with Force sensitive powers.

Currently seeking training from Jedi Knight Jacen Solo.




Emerald Green Lightsaber (with resemblence to Anakin's first lightsaber). D4-11 Blaster. Bacta Pack.





Force jump 3

Force absorb

Force Lightning (not a darkside power, a more controlled version.)

Force Speed

Force Vision (see future, sense others)

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Real name: Unknown

Aliases: Darth Talliusc, Night Slayer.


Race: Part Chiss, part Human and part Sith *the sith species, though he is also a sith master in the force sense*


Important notes: orphaned at the early age of 2 when his parents were killed defending a chiss outpost he was raised by a chiss by the name of Mras'kil'ned more commonly known among those close to him as "raskil". Taught in the ways of the dark side of the force by the sith lord jaeden and later by Divine Spirit. Talliusc brought Reb Starblazer to the darkside of the force under Divine spirit and played many significant roles throughout the academy wars. He fought on both sides as his honour dictated and was last seen entering hyperspace bound for the unknown regions after leaving the jedi academy on thedonias. His ties with Divine Spirit nearly severed he is his own warrior, His only allegiances are to his fallen friend Reb Starblazer, the Chiss confederacy and himself.


Equipment: Specialized dualbladed saber comprised of two curve bladed lightsabers attatched at the butt end of the hilts set in opposite directions, a weapon described as "as dangerous to an untrained wielder as a fleet of star destroyers". personal starfighter equipped with hypercomm, jamming system, 8 missile cartridges with reloads of same size in back compartments, hyperdrive engine, 5 laser cannons and 3 ion cannons.


Talliusc has been by no means mentally stable since the death of his friend Reb and is considered an unknown quantity. he has killed jedi and sith alike and may switch allegiances more before there is peace in the galaxy. it is likely that he may take up his own war with the jedi or the sith remnant.


Appearance: 6ft tall, 160 lbs, his entire body is white due to his mixed heritage except for two blood tears that crawl from his eyes down to his chin. he is of a rather small build, toned yet not muscular. he relies heavily on distractions, agility and mental attacks.


few jedi have been able to stand against him, but among them are the noted saberist Whitedragon and the fallen Reb starblazer.

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Name: Qui-Zan Kenobi


Profession:Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi's Son ;)


Equipment:Dual Phase Lightsaber (Blue/Green)With no change in Size.


Transport:Modifyed Jedi Starfighter with R5 droid named Dart.


Abilities:Alter Mind



And all other normal Jedi Abilites


Background:Mother:unknown Jedi

Father:Obi-Wan Kenobi

Current age:34

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ok here ya go:

The Lost Welshman

Recently turned 15 he wonders if people will ever read this post will anyone reply to his future posts, the childish ways of The Lost Welshman are lost in the great archives of April 2002. Now he has returned to bring justice to his name, to fight for good (or evil) and also to listen to music on his new 5.1 surround speaker system. Oh yeah and to hope for a reply, i bet no1s even read this far oh well.

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AGE: 11


RACE: Gen Mo'Kai


EQUIPMENT:Green saber, Flak cannon (nicked of UT 2k3 tournament was in prison for 3 days), shield pack, disruptor rifle.


ABILTIES: Mind read, Lightning, grip, jump, push, pull.



This Gen Mo'kai was born on earth though not a human was he. His mother and father were. Some how a piece of Gen mo'Kai DNA Was in his fathers Blood. Thus he was a Gen mo'kai not one trace of human DNA. He was then a outcast hunting for food and surviving on rats and berries. When Selig another Geno Mo'kai but a user of the darkforce adopted him and told him the ways of the dark force and taught him the dark side. IT has been 3 mounths since selig found Motig and already he is a master at the dark side of the force. Now he has killed his mother and father and taken his fathers saber, he is now using it to overcome the light side and defeet his grandfather KYLE KATARN!


He is now in a clan [LFJA] and goes by the name of Sithsniper, he is only called motig when in a tournament, And will kill anyone who makes fun of him.





oh and good thread

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Kugow : A young Jedi of 23 years of the same species as Yoda. He was abandoned on the far reaches of the galaxy to fend for himself and his basic force abilities came naturally to him. He found his heritage in a Sith temple on the unknown planet and discovered a lightsaber. He was stuck on the planet wondering about the stars above about how he could reach them. He imagined that there was no way he could reach them and that only he existed in the galaxy until now...

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Classified NRI Data Entry: Slayne, Darth.


Name: Darth Slayne.

Race: Human.

Age: Unknown.

Planet of birth: Unknown.

Last known contact: Thedonias.


Appearance: All accounted descriptions of Darth Slayne state that he is of thin build and pale of complexion. He is known to be 1.88 meters in height, with long blond hair. Perhaps the most distinguishable feature about him is the unnatural yellow-red coloration of his eyes.


History: Darth Slayne was thought to have been killed during the climactic battle between the Jedi and the Sith on the plains of Russan over 2000 years ago. However, reported sightings of this elusive Sith Lord have turned up on several occasions over the past two millennia, including one complete autopsy report which had mysteriously been lost soon after it was entered into Old Republic Data bases. Recent events on the planet Thedonias have uncovered new evidence to indicate that Darth Slayne may yet still be alive and in the service of the Emperor and his Sith academy. If the reports from the late Reb Starblazer are to be believed, Slayne may in fact be a rare type of clone capable of transferring his soul into an empty replica of himself in the event of death. Though this has yet to be proven, NRI experts in the field are confident that such a feat is impossible and should be considered a mere myth. Observations from Obi-Wan13 indicate that Darth Slayne is a man torn by utter hatred and grief, and may be irrevocably lost to any hope of redemption.


Notes: Darth Slayne is suspected to be working for the Emperor in the field of intelligence and counterintelligence. He may also have been behind several high profile assassinations in the last 2000 years. It is also believed that he may have played a leading role in the recent death of Reb Starblazer.


Known Equipment: Darth Slayne’s apparent weapons of choice are a pair of red light sabers. Little is known as to the function of his sophisticated wrist computer however, it is to be assumed that it may be a highly advanced form of espionage equipment.


Known Transport: All that is known about Slayne’s personal ship, Stygian Wraith, is that it appears to be equipped with some form of scrambling device that renders it almost undetectable by electronic means. Visual detection is also difficult due to the black hull plating. Known armament at this time appears to be comprised of several rapid fire blaster cannon and tracking mine launchers located at the stern of the vessel. Extreme caution is advised when encountering this ship.

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