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Name : Zoden Xero

Alias: Darth NeoVenom

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Homeworld: Coruscant

Affiliation: Sith


Appearance: 5'11, average weight, light brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin.


Attire: Very similar to what Darth Maul wears and a black Sith robe.


Weapons: Red Double-Bladed Lightsaber and a Red Single-Bladed Lightsaber


Bio: When Zoden was a young boy, he was brought forth to be trained in a Jedi Academy on Yavin. As he grew older, he became a master in using the force. When Zoden became a Jedi Master, he was sent on a mission to investigate strange activity on a planet called Roventa. When he arrived there, he was joined with some rebels and a elite group of people called the "Firebirds". During his journey on Roventa, he found out that the Trade Federation existed on this planet and the the Firebirds were along side with the Trade Federation. The leader of the Firebirds has acknowledged that Zoden and the rebels are starting to "...know too much..." and ordered his crew to kill Zoden and the rebels when they reached the ships. Before reaching the ships, Zoden killed all the members of the Firebirds. He thought to himself after the slaughter he did that he had all this power and needed no one to help him. The rebels were shocked at the action in which Zoden has taken and took out their guns. Before they even had a chance pull the trigger at Zoden, Zoden killed all the rebels and left the planet in search to have more power. Now Zoden Xero is a Sith that goes by the name Darth NeoVenom. He paints black markings underneath both his eyes showing his dedication to the Dark Side. He is capable of using force abilities from both the Light and Dark Side of the force since he is a fallen Jedi master.

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Name : Nithailack Saiun (later to become Darth Zaius)

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Homeworld: naboo

Job: former bounty hunter,former jedi padawan, sith apprentice


Appearance: 6`3, slight muscular build, penetraiting blue eyes long black hair, huge scar coming from the tip of his right eyebrow down to his cheek, Dark and gaunted features


Attire: Clad in black or dark clothing (nuff` said)


force abilities: force push, mind trick, force pull, force lightning, force drain, force grip, force speed, force jump


Weapons: light saber (like darth tyranus`s), and a jetpack that comes with twin laser pistols


Bio (very short summary): -was born and abandoned in naboo


- was raised by twileks, untill they found out that nithailack had force powers and was sent to luke skywalkers jedi academy


- started to become arrogant and independant untill he got kicked out of the academy (at age 14) due to a love interest and having a plot to kill his own master


-once kicked out nithailack became a bounty hunter untill he was persuaded by a man to join the darkside (at age 15), and gladly accepted


- killed his previous master with his new master later that year but became scarred from the battle (see appearance)


- currently training in dagobah, endor`s moon (hehehe die ewoks die), and naboo

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Name: Zan-Cool Corizen

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Homeworld: Coruscant

Affiliation: Jedi


Appearance: 5'10, medium weight, black hair, blue eyes, light skin


Attire: Very similar to the attire that Obi-Wan Kenobi has in Star Wars: Episode 1, but instead of being tan, it's blue-greenish and a dark blue Jedi robe.


Weapons: A blue Single-Bladed Lightsaber and a yellow Single-Bladed Lightsaber craft by his father.


Bio: Born and raised on Coruscant, Zan-Cool was send to the Jedi Academy located on Yavin 4 by his parents, who are both Jedi. There, he learned how to control and use the force. Now, Zan-Cool Corizen is a Jedi Knight and is in hope of some day to become a Jedi master. He has force abilities of the Light Side of the force. The force ability in which he is extremely good in is Force Speed.

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Originally posted by topshot

I like the pic, Katarn07. Very cool image. Very......


*shrugs* It's from the last cutscene from the original JK, if you follow the dark side path. I wanted him to look like he does in JK, because he is not as old as the real Kyle. And also, that Kyle looks really mad...

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Name: Zofire Fett

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 17


Affiliation: Bounty Hunter


Appearance: 5'7, slim, light brown hair with blonde streaks, green eyes, light skin


Attire: Black and Silver Mandalorian battle armor with a black cape(armor is modified to fit a women)


Weapons: dual-blaster pistols (specially designed), wrist blades, modified DE-11 blaster rifle, modified Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor rifle, thermal detonators, and many hidden weapons.



Bio: Raised by foster parents on Ziltenia, Zofire Fett spends most of her days working as a mechanic and weapon repairist. She also spend numerous hours designing, modifying, and training with blasters and other weapons. One day, while she was heading towards a shop with her best friend Zionia to get some parts for her foster dad's shop, they saw a group of rodians on the run from an army of the New Republic. While these rodians were running, they shot at anyone who was in their way. Unfortunately, Zionia, Zofire's friend, was shot by the gang of the outlawed rodians, nearly killing her. Zofire's was thankful that her friend was still alive, but swore revenge for what the criminals had done to Zionia. The day after the incident, Zofire was cleaning up her foster dad's shop and stumbled across a silver chest engraved with a symbol. This symbol was the same symbol she had on her necklace. Her foster dad said that the case was found next to her when she was a baby. When Zofire opened the case, it contained a Mandalorian battle armor. She modified the suit so that it could be worn by a woman. A year later, Zofire Fett took the job as a Bounty Hunter. Day after day, Zofire hunted down and killed many criminals for vengence. She wanders the galaxy with her robot companion R2R9 in search of more criminals to kill and also in search of answers for her many unanswered questions.

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Name: Skaul Wahklour

Homeworld: Coruscant




Weight: 180 lbs

Bio: Tall, Has one spike on the front back and sides of head. He wears a long black robe(but is NOT jedi!!) and has black leather gloves. He carries a Golan Flechette GC-1 and Two DL- 44's.


Affiliates: Loner

Traveling Method:Ship

Ship:YT-2400 Modified with Quad Laser Turrets controllable from cockpit. Two Ion Cannons and Proton Torpedoe bays on both wings.

Ships Name: Maul Tear

BAckground: Born on Ithorian Herd Ship he was dropped off in the bowels of Coruscant to fend for himself. He had to fight and steal his way out of Coruscant to Tatooine were he worked smuggling glitterstem for Jabba but left when he bought the Maul Tear named after the infamous sith Zabrak Darth MAul.

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name-Klorang S'tasar



age -29

homeworld-grew up on nar shadda

weapons-custom pistol(projectile),dart gun,vibro blade knife,bassic imperial rifle,disrupter reapeating rifle.

affiliation-assasin,bounty hunter,smuggler,beggar

armor,ship-swoop bike,dengar like metal plating


bio-dirty fighting bounty hunter/assasin will do any job for money and will always get it done rite. the rest is unknown eccecpt for he grew up on nar shadda where he witnesses many crimes.

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Gahh. Deleted my post by accident of Katarn07 while adding links to his ships... So if you read this already, scroll to the bottom for his ship pics and what he looks like if you do not own the original JK.


Name: Katarn07 "Gunny"

Species: Human Clone

Age: 25-30

Weapons: Yellow Saber, Modified E-11 Blaster Rifle

Vehicle: modified YT-1800 Celphi Freigter Savrip Striker, modified YT-2000 Corellien Freigter Sable Dove

Special Abilities: He can use any weapon from fallen enemies, limited Force powers


A failed attempt of Galak Fyar. One of the first Reborn to be produced was a clone of the Jedi that would eventually put an end to the project, Kyle Katarn. One of the 10 Katarn clones, Katarn07 and his comrades soon began asking questions of their existance. The cloning was not a success. The 10 Katarns rebelled against their creators and laid waste to the factory. Only three of them survived. Katarn03, Katarn07, and Katarn09.


Fyar didn't stop the project, and instead decided to take prisoners from Kessel and try to infuse powers into them. This is the plan that would work years later.


Meanwhile, the three Katarns found work on the planet Nar Shaddaa. Katarn07 was quick to adapt to any situation he was presented. His fellow comrades, however, were dying. Their creation wasn't properly supervised. After their deaths, Katarn07 left planet with the credits they had gathered as freelancers.


He got medical treatments, but they were unneccesary. His creation was properly executed. He became a mercenary for hire, just like his host. He took the name Kyle Katarn and scored big instantly, often times using his appearance to fool his employers he was the real Katarn.


After he got injured in a massive explosion rom a Weequay called Guro, he was forced to get a prostetic arm. He lost most of his money on the purchase and was now seen to be an imposter. Katarn decided to reveal himself as not being the real Katarn, but his past work earned him almost as much respect.


Katarn now seeks employment whenever possible in his ships, the Savrip Striker and Sable Dove. Money is not important to him. His only goal is to put an end to tyrany in the galaxy. He also is just learning that like his host, he is Force-sensitive...


Here is a pic of Katarn07 (disregard the woman Sariss...):Picture


Here is a pic of what the Sable Dove looks like for those without XWA: Picture


Here is a pic of Savrip Striker: Picture

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Name: Wra'fo

Species: Rodian

Age: 27

Weapons: DL-11 Blaster Rifle

Vehicle : Public Transportation, hitches rides with fellow NRI agents Klai Finn and Katarn07

Special Abilities: Can hack into computer systems with ease, can fly any ship with ease, not handy with weapons


Near the end of the Rebellion, Wra'fo joined the ranks among the many agents working for them. He left, however, after the Empire was overthrown and he became a Bounty Hunter.


He befriended a clone of Kyle Katarn near the peak of his career, Katarn07; but after that, his sister was killed by terroists. His work has slipped since then and he can usually be found drinking off his failures in bars and restaraunts around the New Republic district on Coruscant. He lives off of the income of his brother who is a sabacc dealer at a club on Coruscant called Bantha Oasis.


The alcoholic is trying to sober up to rejoin his former employer, Mon Mothma, in the ranks of the NRI. Katarn07 is doing his best to help him out when he can.

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My chericter(or whatever)


NAME: Zehro Topshot


Reletives: Aroun Topshot, his long lost brother


Powers: KI - something like the force but much more powerful thatn the force


Languages Known: all


Weapons: a self made upgraded lightsaber called the beam saber and 2 small beam guns + over 100 HUGE guns


Profile: sent away at birth on account of a miss calculation Zehro raises himself noticing He can use very powerful attacks. Zehro then travels learning many languages and becoming very fast and stong. When meeting a tribe in a village he is taught by the friendly Zirions to invent and upgrade almost perfect weapons. He learns many fighting styles and perfects saber, hand to hand, and gun combat. He now continues to search for Aroun Topshot.

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Name:Mobius Berreta.

Home Planet:Tatooine.

Relatives:Desiderato Berreta=Brother

Matrix Berreta=Father.

BackRound:The destruction of the old republic,many jedi fell to the infamous Darth Vader.Many,also fled such as Matrix Berreta,A renegade Jedi under Plo koon's devision,his wife Katrina Berreta,soon to die but leave another life.5 years have passed as the rebellion started to form and The young life onced carried in his mother's whome had been born.He was very skillfull,Dark and had a strong arrogance about him.After witnessing his father die to Lord Vader,Mobius took up the life as a thug/thief.

Over his years he trained with the lightsaber perfecting his stance,controll and capability,untill he was able to learn the force.

All is not what it seemed,Mobius learnt the force but betrayed his friends to teach and outcast by the name of Stenro Anvs,His best friend and apprentice in darktimes.

Eventually Stenro Destroyed Mobius,Leaving his brother,whom knew about Mobius,but not known by him,in a depressional state,and a life of hunt.

Mobius was ressurected and recruited the clan known as WaR....but was destroyed not too long ago,in 2 ambushes.

Mobius Goes by the name of O/l WaR Makaveli now,and hardley ever mentions his past.

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Name: Zack


weapons: green lightsaber

personality: half bounty hunter half jedi

ablities: mind control,lightsaber throw


history: started as a jedi in the academy teached by Yoda as all the children.When Zack was 18 he tought that bounty hunting brings good money in and he had the skills as a jedi so why not.Now doing half part jedi and half bounty but never went back to academy cause he was expelled of the bounty hunting.

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Name: Kaildor (Cyborg Name: Planet killer)

Age: 20

Occoupation: Bounty Hunter

Race: Human Cyborg (this detail is known to only a few)

Weapons:Slienced Sniper rifel with Pyro, knockout, hallgunic and armour piecing bullets, 2 custum blasters with added blades on gun barrel, Mines, Titanum sword.

Apperance: Long black hair, Piercing blue eyes and a sarcstic grin

Clothes: Black tank top, black trousers and black trench coat

Hieght: 6'5

Home world: (believed to be) Prothos


Little is know of kalidors early years exept in the highset secruity dat bank in the empire. Only 14 people in the empire have accsess to the files concering him. What is know of his early life is that he was a sadistic killer having no corcen for anyone, responsble for massicare such as the destruction of 4 major cities of the planet of Rentos. After this incendent Kalidor disspered from space. Many believed him to be locked up or dead. Far from it. Kalidor had indeed been caputered by a man named Inventus on Orders from the empire. He was taken away to a secert reserch world and 'Welded' and used as an assassin with codes stoping him turning on his new masters. Eventualy through luck and chance Kaildor manged to accesess his codes and over ride them. After killing everone that had done this to him kaildor went to serch for the man who had turned him sparing no-one and killing all who oppeses him. Due to his Cybernetic enhancement Kaildor can go weeks without food, Jump up to 20 ft, lift up to 4 tonnes, process danger instanly and ignore wounds that would kill a normal man. Unfortantlysome of his command codes remain and he must bow to its will if someone has the necessary codes. And it is rummered the empire has sent some one after him...

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Zero Kast


Zero was a 14 year old boy who had lived at the Jedi Temple his entire life. He was very shy around anyone he didn't know but got into his share of rule-breaking. He was tall and slender, blue eyes, and brown hair with frosted tips. He also was a great listener and remembered everything his master teaches him.


Weapon- Blue Lightsaber


Outfit- traditional brown Jedi robes with special pocket to hold anything Zero needs.


Special Abilities- Force push, Force pull, Jedi Mindtrick

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Name: Thrindel Setta


Age: Exact date of birth unkown.


Occupation: Bounty Hunter


Appearance: None really knows. Many rumours and legends are around Thrindel Setta. Some say he is Boba Fett's brother. Others say that he actually was a Mandalorian. Or is of Mandalorian heritage. None knows for sure.


Weapon: BlasTech EE-3 Rifle and a BlasTech DL-44 sidearm.


Ship: "Vengeance", A vastly modified a well armed ship the same class as Lando Calrissian's ship, the Lady Luck.




Outift: A black and red Mandalorian armour, equppied with a jetpack grappling hook and a flamethrower.


Homeworld: Believed to be Mandalore.






The man known a Veren Setta was born on Mandalore during the Mandalorian wars. His father was killed in battle and his home destroyed when he was but an infant. His mother managed to escape with him.

She fled to the Mandalorian Commander known as Jaster Mereel. He granted them permission to stay with them.


Years passed and Veren Setta grew. When one day, the enemies of Mandalore attacked the Mandalorians and his entire family was killed. Enraged about the death of his mother Veren Setta forged a mandalorian armour and joined the Mandalore Mercenary Army.


When the Mandalorians lost the war, Veren Setta fled to the distant planet of Alderaan where he met a girl. Her name was Galina Saren. The two married and had a child, Thrindel.


Thrindel and his parents lived happily on Alderaan for 10 years. When one day a man came to their farm. He was dressed in robes and wanted to know if Veren Setta was in. Veren walked out to see who was asking for him. Thrindel was now on his way home from a friend. As he walked around the corner of the house he could see the robed man holding Veren in the air, choking him, while his mother lay crying on the ground. The robed man ignted a lightsaber red as blood and struck down both of his parents and then left.


Being raised the Mandalorian way, he knew that his duty in life was to pick up the Mandalorian Armour his father left behind.

Rumour has it that now, 10 years after his parents death, he still looks for the robed man, but that is not certain...

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Name: Joe Raskar


Race: Human


Story: When he was 15, his family was killed. One year later, he found a message from his dad, telling him of his Jedi heratige. Now Joe goes around the galaxy righting wrongs.


Size: 5' 9"


Weight: 146 pounds



-E-11 Blaster Rifle

-Modified Bryar Pistol

-Yellow Lightsaber

-Personal Shield

-Belt Clip of Thermal Detonators

-His Left arm up to the elbow has been cut off and replaced.

-Many Force abilities


Rebel allied

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my 2nd guy :D


Name: 'Inventus'

Age: 34

Occoupation: Scienticst\dark jedi

Race: Human

Weapons:Light sabar and varrious drugs and posions

Apperance: short man with black hair strecked with white strands

Clothes:White lab coat, White Trousers, black trench coat

Hieght: 5'3

Home world: Unnown

Bio: A twisted sciencetist, once a member of the jedi counsol, but fled after his 'experments' were found. He was Obbsesed with creating the perfect jedi killer after his discrace and took many mercanry jobs both as a doctor and many as a warrior. Finally he found a way to combine the force and machine. Many of his experments were on captured humans and all failed to start with. Then he was hired by the empire. They funded his work and gave him the 'paintents' nerrcery to perfect his tecnique. His twisted genius gave birth to the cyborgs kaildor and star. Unfortnatly they were to good and broke out, there hummanity still alive. Star was quickly captuered and reprogramed to bring kaildor in. Inventus can sometimes be found with sith or imperial troops.

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Name: Nova Centari


As a youth he was a freighter hopper out of Nar Shadda. Eventually he ended up ona freighter brining supplies to yavin 4. Once there Luke sensed him and brought him in. He spent the next 5 years there until he was 19. At that point he got ina heated argument with Luke after using the Force to attack another student who was bullying him. His argument was that he had never meant to hurt him only to get the larger kid to leave him alone. Afterwards he climbed into his newly rebulit z-95 Headhunter, the Crazy Ace, with only his lighsaber, his blaster and a set of fake mandalorian armor he had constructed. He has since wandered the galaxy in search of adventure.


Abilities: Extremelty talented with physical force powers (push, pull,jump,speed) and saber combat.


Weapons: His blaster pistol (much like hans) and his teal lightsaber.


Ship: Heavily modified z-95 headhunter, The Crazy Ace

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2nd character

Dikon Gytonal

Race Gran

A retired smuggler who runs a used startship lot on Nar Shadda. His prices are good, his quality and workmanship are amazing, and his friendship is priceless. He is stubbornly loyal to friends and single mindeldy hateful to enemies.

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Name: Caitlin Bryce

Age: 19 (has been mistaken for a 17 year old)

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair color: Dark Blonde

Eye color: Blue


Custom Blaster Pistol (customized by self)

Self Built Lightsaber

Blade: Purple



Story: When she was 17, Caitlin's parents lost hope in the Republic. There had been a taxation of trade routes and Mr. and Mrs. Bryce felt sorry for the Trade Federation and decided to help in any way possible. The Trade Federation took advantage of this and used their technology to 'alter' the Bryce family. Caitlin was the only one to survive the 'alterations' and came out with a harsh anger toward the Trade Federation. She vowed to help the Republic in any way possible.

During the next two years, Caitlin had very little to do. She tinkered with her blaster pistol and ended up making it more powerful. When the energy pack had been mostly used up, the blaster would stop firing. Caitlin would then remove the energy pack and it would become a throwable explosive. Also during this time, she found out how to build a lightsaber (it is unknown how she found out and she isn't telling anybody).

Near the end of the two year period, Caitlin came to be in charge of a small transportation company. If well payed, they would fly anything from sentient beings and their droids to miscellaneous cargo. Supreme Chancellor Valorum heard of the small operation and came to see it. He was impressed by the service and allowed them to keep up at what they were doing.

Two days before she turned 19, Caitlin recieved a transmission from the Supreme Chancellor saying that he was sending two Jedi to her. She was to take them where they wanted to go. She agreed. Three days after she turned 19, Caitlin met Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi. At last she saw herself being moved into the picture against the Trade Federation. Little did she know what the adventure would truly get her into...

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Name: Kilmor Katarn

Age [At death]: 23 Approximately 26

Height [At death]: 5' 7"

Weight [At death]: 146 pounds

Weapons: One silver bladed lightsaber, sometimes a second one that's lavender, light side of the Force, on some occasions a heavy blaster pistol - Now in possession of Darth Tepe

Transportation: A small, sleek, one-person starfighter that can go at extremely high speeds and avoid radar detection - No longer in use


Bio: Since 5 years old, Kilmor trained at Luke's Jedi Academy (He was a nephew, though he didn't know it, of Morgan Katarn). At the age of 15, he had a disagreement with another student and left the academy. He craved power, and became Xanin's padawan. Xanin was a Dark Jedi that was in league with Jerec. After 3 years of Dark Side training, he was present when Morgan Katarn was killed by Jerec, but when Jerec and Xanin were killed by Kyle Katarn, Luke redeemed Kilmor and resumed his training at the academy. Kilmor is now a Jedi Knight in the Jedi Council, and he often works as an undercover spy for the New Republic.


DEAD - Slain by Darth Tepe

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