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The Wisconsinus Adventure- Official Story Thread 1


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*A droid shoots WhiteRaider's hand*


*WhiteRaider drops sword*


WhiteRaider: You are going to pay for that one!


*Points other hand at Droid and pulls on a wrist attachment*


*A knife flies at the droid and sticks into it*


*The knife blows up in the droid*


*WhiteRaider grabs his broad sword with his other hand*


WhiteRaider to Jokemaster: Make that 7 down

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"this isnt working"


*pulls out a corellian vodka, drinks a sip* "gotta love those corellians for their drinks"*puts rag in it and lights it* and for their fireworks" *throws it at the droids, the moltov cucktail (OOS sory about spelling moltov ****tail gets the ****) kills 3*"4 to go"

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