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If you were Jedi for a day what would you do?


If you were Jedi for a day what would you do?  

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  1. 1. If you were Jedi for a day what would you do?

    • Run around with your saber on and cut up every thing.
    • Grip who ever made Lando\'s taunt WOOO HOOO!!!!
    • Mind trick someone into doing something you like.
    • Pull and push the guy who played JarJar back and forth
    • Use the powers for good
    • Other

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...so little time


Wake up 7AM discover I am a Jedi.


7:15AM - 7:30AM chop down trees using light saber


7:31 - 7:35 play lottery that will be selected that day


7:36 - 12:00 Catch Sniper, and cut his legs off


12:01 - 8PM Playboy mansion + Mind trick


8:01 show up at lottery drawing use force to have my numbers picked


9PM - 12AM catch sadam hussien and Osama bin laden and bring them back to DC give them to Mr. Pres with some saber burns but no worse for wear.


12:01 AM lose powers


7AM wake up cash lotto ticket and return a millionare to the playboy mansion.


rest of life - happy rish and satisfied :)


*I would of course need a saber and an x-wing (or similar Jedi ship)

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Originally posted by atinymonkey

Obviously, I'd spend my day following FatalStrike to make sure his evil deeds were punished.


Possibly hanging round the

playboy mansion just to make sure that they were all ok. As you do.


yeh, we will all come to you to the Playboy mansion.... .yup... just to see if they are safe. :D

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6.30AM: Wake up, relize the Force is with me and find a lightsaber under my pillow.:bored:


7.15AM: With Force Speed, run to the gym and with gaining limitless stainima, get through my exercises with no sweat. litually. :yobi:


8.00AM: Train on the rooftop of a car pack building with my lightsaber. :saberg:


8.30AM: Walk down to town and stop a robbery of a dairy in progress. :syoda:


9:00AM: Get some breakfast.:cheers:


9:30AM: Stop a mugging.:spikehair:disaprove


10.00AM: Hang out.:dozey:


10.30AM: Stop a robbery of a bank with my lightsaber and Force Lightning.:lightning

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11.00AM: Do an indepth investigation of a racist murder.:mace:


12.00PM: Locate a patch of racist gang members and found the guy respobible with a few causulties in the process. :fire11::slsaber:


12.20PM: Influence cops to use their authority for justice not for money.:shades2:


12.30PM: Lunch.:clap2:


12.45PM: Bust a smuggling ring. :tommys::saberb:


1.00PM: Outthink a criminal mastermind and save a charity theatre from shuting down. :clap2:


2.00PM: Save a youth centre from the greedy politican thats in power.:mrt:

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4.00PM: Find the same greedy politcan doing some foul dealings and get him replaced with a non-currupt politcan.:lips:


5.00PM: The attractive redhead leading lady [who goes to the same school as myself] who is performing at the charity theatre asks me out for saturday night.3heart


6.00PM: Give a lecture to my mates on why smoking and dealing dope is badand get through to them.:saberr:


7.00PM: The out of luck greedy politcan sends a Dark Jedi after me who captures the attractive redhead actress to lure me into a trap. :sithm:

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7.15PM: We duel at home.:duel:


8.00PM: We duel in town.:lsduel:


9.00PM: We duel on a ship. :vsd:


10.00PM: We end up at a temple. :swrd2:


11.00PM: I finally defeat him and get the girl. :hit4::hearteye:


12-2: none of your business. :joy: I'm kidding, I got her a cab and walked home :lol:


2.00AM: Went to bed. :wavey:


10.45AM: I wake up. My powers were gone and it was saturday.:cool:


Aftermath: I ended up in a long term relationship with the actress and lived happily ever after. The greedy ex-politican never came into power again and stayed with his mistress. The mugger found his fortune in magic, stunts and street theatre. While the dairy owner found true love with the criminal master mind who was a woman. While I kept my lightsaber and my Jedi Starfighter in my garage.

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Originally posted by .:Silver:.

Two chicks at the same time.:thumbs1:




dude only two chicks???


jedi mind trick is the best. you can take the smartest people in the world and tell him to create a lightsaber for you.


so thats women and lightsaber at the same time. what more can you ask for.

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