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Hey Squater you're a fan of Boba Fett's, right?

Maybe we could search some sounds for the Mandalorian skin pack? Like:

1 taunts for Jango and Boba Fett

2 when jumping (force jump) a sound of jetpack (no jetpack in SP)

3 when killed

4 and other



What do you think of it?

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And maybe do you can skin the weapons to make them look more like the ones that Jango and Boba use, blasters for example. And if you replace the bryar could it be possible to replace the color of the shots?

And about you not knowing how to make new sounds:

1. I don't know almost anything about it too,

but if I remeber correctly Deetox did the sounds for Anakin and Windu models. We can ask him.

2. Or we can post a new thread:

"Looking for a sound editor."

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Ok that's great. We can test it and see if it's nice enough. Then we can mail him about using his creation with our mod (if there is going to be one). About Boba I have the movie and I can search the net for pics. Of course you may be right but hey I can still check it, can't I?

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