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You could skin the rocket to make it look more like the one that Jango and Boba have on their jetpack, if that's possible. Maybe we can find someone that can make some animations for us. I mean like when shooting the rocket in third person there would be no rocket launcher (that would be your job to make it invisible) and the model would bow don and shoot the rocket. In a short time a new rocket sohuld appear. I don't know if that's possible, but we could give it a try.

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Sounds great. But I think it would be better if you like shooted like.... Hmmm....... First with the blaster in right hand and then the one in the left hand. And you shoot with booth of them with the same button.


But thats just my opinion. Basicly because I jump with the right moude button.

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Originally posted by Darth Vader III

And maybe do you can skin the weapons to make them look more like the ones that Jango and Boba use, blasters for example. And if you replace the bryar could it be possible to replace the color of the shots?

And about you not knowing how to make new sounds:

1. I don't know almost anything about it too,

but if I remeber correctly Deetox did the sounds for Anakin and Windu models. We can ask him.

2. Or we can post a new thread:

"Looking for a sound editor."

if u know all this then y didnt u just go find a yoda skin/model and make it yourself btw what u told me to do it didnt work is it cuz i have winzip i will never download rar again

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