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Funny, I thought this was a Star Wars Board :)


Isn't Kim Possible a cartoon on sky?


imagine the meeeting


Person1: We err, need a name for our new cartoon series.


Person2: Any Ideas Guys?


Person3: Well whats the show about?


Person1: It's like Mission Impossible for kids.


Person3: ok.......Kim Possible, like impossible = Kimpossible


hehehehe (this is not a flame) :)

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can someone make me an avatar? 70 by 70 pixels, a pic of a biker-gloved hand (you kno, the thing covers the back and palm and about 1/3 of the finger) with a yellow ring around it (around the hand) and it looks like yellow beams are shooting out from behind it, kinda like its holding an energy ball. and i would like for it to be in a fist, with the back of the hand facing towards the screen. sry, kinda hard to describe.....um, plz just try (this is to sivyB or zbomber or truthful, or any1 who wants to try) i really want this to be my "official" avatar for my new website that im workin on..........no, i cant give out the link, sry.....

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Originally posted by LBuRNa

zbomber how do you put your av on a post???????????


by the way that dooku av looks HOT!!!


Thanks, but tell Padanime its hot. He made it.


When you get a pic you wnat, right click it, selcect properties, copy the URL (link address) then click IMG on to top of LF posting thingy. and paste into box. Wallah!



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