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Best System?


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Thanks Marth for your contribution........we all know that Pc is the best............Zbomber was asking about gaming systems (consoles).


Jando, Halo is one amazing game!!!!! I can't wait for the second one!! ;)


One of my favorite options on Halo is the Co-op for all of the levels........really, how many games are out there like that?????

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even though x-box have better graphics than ps2, ps2 overall is still the best. maybe because ps got better games. look at gamecube for example since its main target is young kidz its doing really bad. they should have more range of varieties of games. then they can probably be up there with ps & xbox.



best system of all time has to be nintendo without a doubt.




systems that i have:





super nintendo

sega saturn





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Ps2 has alot of games to choose from but the alot of them suck not all of them just most of them.

Xbox doesnt have much xbox only games most of them were allready released on the Ps2/gamecube and

Gamecube has the least games.


In conclusion, I don't care I have them all.


Edit: game system that I own in no particular order






game boy

game boy color

game boy advance

sega genisis


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hey Lburna that is a sweet avatar! did u make it yourself?


anyways i got an xbox and an nintendo 64, my friend is gonna get a ps2 so he can sleep over then we can rent ps2 and xbox games! pure genius ;):p


edit: woops the topic was best system, i think xbox, it does have some really cool games out there and it is technically the best system out there, and it looks like it is going to be picking itself off the floor in a little while what with xbox live and the large lineup of games for the future

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I have pretty much them all, I've been playing video games since I was like 7 lol. Well these are the ones I own:



Super Nintendo



Gameboy Colour

Gameboy Advance


Nintendo 64


Playstation 2



All time favourite? Playstation.

Current favourite? Playstation 2

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you have to keep them in categories kid!!!


NES (in its own category)

SNES vs Sega Genesis

N64 vs Playstation vs Dreamcast

Nintendo Game Cube vs Playstation 2 vs X-Box




personally i like all the nintendo products, X-Box is disgustipatingly huge, while gamecube fits nicely on my shelf. The only reason I played PS was for Final Fantasy games...

But NES was best of all. Excite Bike, Contra, Mario 3, Rampage :bowdown:

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