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What Race will you be.


What Race will you be  

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  1. 1. What Race will you be

    • Human
    • Mon Calamari
    • Zabrak
    • Wookie
    • Trandoshan
    • Rodian
    • Twi\'lek
    • Bothan

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And rodians....why would any1 wanna play as a rodian?


They are green, they are only a bit mean (with a disruptor rifle, grrr) and they don't look very clean. I have no idea why the devs would want to put in that species, why not the sullustans...sullustans are cool! Or gungans, or ewoks :ewok: , becuz they are cuddly, fluffy fella's who just ask to be killed :)

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Yeah, well....there are alot (!) of gungans in EPI and there are also alot of Ewoks in EP VI + in other movies (the one with the overly cute little girl and Wicket and the scary ppl).


Maybe they didnt put in Gungans because of Otha Gunga (too difficult to make) and no Ewoks because of ewoks dont travel.

How about Weeqay's then? They are damned cool, and you see em everywhere, in the movies (skiff guard in EP V) and in the EU.

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